RME ADI-2 DAC fs - Official Thread

Yes I’d say so. I haven’t heard Jot 2, but the Nexus stage in Rag 2 and Freya S I quite like. I still have a Jot 1 that gets plenty of headtime here. Great combo with the ADI-2, and the size is nicely compatible for stacking. RME with Jot could keep me happy for a long time, depending on the headphones.


Excellent review @Grover. Congratulations on your joining the guy’s on the Headphone.com Team.


Excellent review. It’s nice to have another competent voice in the YT channel.

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RME ADI-2 DAC FS now using ESS 90282QM DAC

For those of you that weren’t aware, or that want to read more about it, the RME ADI-2 DAC FS is now using the ESS ES9028Q2M instead of the AKM 4493.

The information regarding the units DAC has been updated on the main RME website, as well as a post discussing it, on their support forum.

The ADI-2 Pro FS R BE will continue using the AKM 4493.


Trying to decide between the RME and a BF2/Jot2 from Schiit. My use is about 85% with active monitors and 15% with Senn HD660s. Most of my use is gaming and casual listening of iTunes library.


There is now a 768kHz file generated with the ADI available;

Carmen 768 kHz 200shadowDXD200-768v2

Carmen Gomes Inc. Ray! formats 24/96 -24/768 choose your format.

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On the Sound Liaison site the lowest format is 24/48khz and if that is not low enough in contrast to the 24/768 then Carmen Gomes sells Redbook CD’s and on her BandCamp Site.

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Hello! Having recently bought both the RME ADI-2 Pro FS and UCX II, I’m curious on what folks here would say the best signal path between the two is for what I’m doing.

Right now, the UCX II is attached as the sole USB interface to my machine, with a toslink cable from the ADAT 1/2 output over to the input on the ADI-2. My Genelec 8330A monitors are connected to the ADI-2’s XLR outputs and my Focal Clears to the ADI-2 as well.

The output gain on the UCX II for ADAT 1/2 is set to 0 and Tidal is set to maximum volume. The line out on the ADI-2 is set to +19 for the Genelecs, and their volume is otherwise controlled via the Genelec GLM software (usually set at around -35 to -38 dB there for listening). I’ve been keeping the volume on the ADI-2 around -10 dB.

Now this all seems to work just fine, and I have Genelec’s physical volume knob for the SAM controller on the way so that I don’t need to open the GLM application every time I want to change the monitor volume separately from the headphones.

What I’m wondering though is, am I missing out anything with the ADI-2 by not using its USB input directly to my machine when I’m listening to music or doing audio-related editing tasks? At first blush, I can’t really perceive a difference and so I’m leaning towards the current setup in order to keep things simpler.


Hi guys

I have owned the adi2 dac around 4years(from non fs to fs version),
the recent setup is PC > adi2dac + headamp gsx mini with D8000pro, ZMF VC and the PSI a17 speaker.

Kind of thinking to change the adi2 dac fs to holo audio 3 KTE. I am still satisfied about the adi2 of its utility, functionality after all these years. Just curious about how can a pure dac (as I havnt try pure dac in my setup before) can change in my setup. Is it worth to change?

Appreciate for your time.

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I’ve owned both the RME and Spring 3 KTE and there’s a night and day difference between the sonic characteristics of these two. I don’t think the fact it’s a pure DAC as you’re calling it is what’ll make that difference. The different topology and simply being a much higher end device is what’ll do that.
From your transducers I only have experience with the VC and have to say depending on what you prioritize I’m not sure Holo DACs would be best for it.

What do you enjoy about your current system’s sound signature? That’ll help answer with more detail or recommend something else.


Appreciate for your reply man.

I like the resolution, clean atmosphere and excellent layering of my setup especially when enjoying music with d8000pro. Every layers are delivering their best part but not a single part would catch the spotlight is the sound signature I want to have. (Sorry I am poor at the sound description)
For the VC, I buy for supporting the company because I like their believes and uniqueness(my country doesnt have any demo so I havnt try any of their headphone before I buy). I like their warm sound but the dynamic and energy maybe too passionate for me.
Thanks for your time.

IME, it was absolutely a big difference from rme to spring. You get much improved timbre, much more convincing spatial cues, less harshness/glare, improved texture, etc…

That being said, if you’re willing to spend that much on a DAC I suggest shopping around the used market if you can (better value). Also, I would center around my DAC purchase based on the hps I’m aiming for. In other words, is there a specific totl hp you are aiming for or is the d8kp the one you want?

FWIW, I didn’t think the spring and the d8kp matched quite well. Although, I use a different amp than you. But, in any case, I don’t think you can go wrong upgrading your DAC.

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I have the Spring 3 KTE as well and I think it is a beast, but to get the best out of it, the gear around it should be elevated as well. I have not heard the gsx myself, but the reviews etc seems like it is not a bad choice.
But feeding the Spring with a PC may not be the best choice (you have not stated anything more, so I guess it is without anything between the two). I use an Innuos streamer, so the noice floor is very low especially compared to a PC, which is full of noice. Doing that was for me just as big a jump in sound qualit as the Spring 3 KTE.
And you have the headphones at a great level also, so you will get a weak link in the chain with the PC IMO.

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The Spring DAC V3 is a lovely sounding device on it’s own, even if I am not a fan of it’s built-in OS implementation. If you already know you like true NOS reproduction (FR roll-off, potential imaging issues included), you’re golden.


The BEST way to experience both the Spring V3 and the May DACs is to use HQPlayer to do the oversampling and modulating, and run the Holo Audio DACs in their pure NOS modes. You should consider this before making any purchases.

You can try HQPlayer for free … but to do so meaningfully you’ll already have had to acquire the Holo Audio DAC in question.

Just something to be aware of.

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I moved away from the Spring 3 this week as it was simply too smooth for me. Maybe I should’ve tried hqplayer before that decision but unlikely that would’ve sticked.