RME ADI-2 DAC fs - Official Thread

Yes I’d say so. I haven’t heard Jot 2, but the Nexus stage in Rag 2 and Freya S I quite like. I still have a Jot 1 that gets plenty of headtime here. Great combo with the ADI-2, and the size is nicely compatible for stacking. RME with Jot could keep me happy for a long time, depending on the headphones.


Excellent review @Grover. Congratulations on your joining the guy’s on the Headphone.com Team.


Excellent review. It’s nice to have another competent voice in the YT channel.

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RME ADI-2 DAC FS now using ESS 90282QM DAC

For those of you that weren’t aware, or that want to read more about it, the RME ADI-2 DAC FS is now using the ESS ES9028Q2M instead of the AKM 4493.

The information regarding the units DAC has been updated on the main RME website, as well as a post discussing it, on their support forum.

The ADI-2 Pro FS R BE will continue using the AKM 4493.


Trying to decide between the RME and a BF2/Jot2 from Schiit. My use is about 85% with active monitors and 15% with Senn HD660s. Most of my use is gaming and casual listening of iTunes library.


There is now a 768kHz file generated with the ADI available;

Carmen 768 kHz 200shadowDXD200-768v2

Carmen Gomes Inc. Ray! formats 24/96 -24/768 choose your format.

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On the Sound Liaison site the lowest format is 24/48khz and if that is not low enough in contrast to the 24/768 then Carmen Gomes sells Redbook CD’s and on her BandCamp Site.

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