Rosson Audio - RAD-0 - Official Thread

Based on my own experience, if I could give a design award to anyone, it would be to @rustyrat, because of the combination of the simplicity of design and effectiveness. It only took me a few minutes to set it up, it looks great and more importantly, it works.

I paid for my strap, so I am truly speaking from the heart, not shilling for anyone.


Wish I saw this before I sold mine.

I have send you a PM mate, thanks for that.

Never knew this was an issue. Maybe because there’s nothing between my scalp and the pad?



Believe me the issue is real and so disappointing.


My head alternates between:

:exploding_head: :poop: :clown_face:


I’m looking into headphone cable upgrades for my RAD-0. Is anyone familiar with the below or otherwise able to recommend one of these? Even if silver doesn’t yield audible sonics, it’ll match my white metal adornments.!/Statement-Silver-Headphone-Cable/p/152872083/category=8516930


I own the DHC Molecule Elite and it’s my go-to cable for my ZMFs.

I had him terminate the Molecule Elite in an XLR amp connector, and also make me an XLR-1/4 inch adapter cable using the same silver wire.

The cable itself is very well put together and is extremely thin and pliable, and non-microphonic. The use of silver hasn’t influenced the sound compared to my other copper cables, e.g. I’ve heard people say that silver cable is brighter than copper, but that’s not the case with this one. And the thinness of the cable also hasn’t had any impact on the sound, as far as I can make out, because he’s somehow packed 8 22awg wires into the cable.

I recently ordered a RAD-0 to mini-xlr adapter so that I can use the cable on my RAD-0. It arrived a few minutes ago, so I’ll let you know how that’s worked out later. DHC builds “no wire” adapters (which I got for the RAD-0) and “short wire” adapters (which I use for my Stellia), so I’ll compare the fit to see if I have a preference.

With all these adapters, I’m essentially creating a luxury version of the Hart cable system.


Thanks for the detailed input as per usual. I wasn’t aware that he could do different adapters in order to effectively have a “luxury” modular system. That is very attractive.

Looking forward to your findings with the RAD-0 - what timing that it arrived today.


I neglected to just scroll down earlier.

There seems to be a short list of options for upgraded RAD-0 compatible cables with a modular system - even shorter for silver and OCC litz: DHC and Norne. This was an interesting read: The Cook Of Cables - Peter 'Breaking' Bradstock Speaks | Headfonics Audio Reviews.


Having used the RAD-0 adapters last night, I will advise anyone interested in Double Helix cables to buy the wired adapters, not the ultrashort ones.

Using the ultrashort means there’s an inch and a half of metal sticking out of the bottom of the RAD-0, and the mini-xlr connectors of my cable add almost another inch of metal to that. It’s all fine when sitting normally listening to music, but each time I turn my head, it presses into my shoulder.

The DHC website does state that there’s a risk of discomfort with ultrashort (i.e. wireless) adapters, so there is no blame on their side, I’m completely accountable for this situation. I’ve asked if I can pay for them to be converted to wired adapters.


There are multiple B-stock models currently available.


I can second this. @rustyrat was super friendly, easy to deal with, and his suspension strap saved me from dumping the RAD-0. I wrote up a quick blog post about my experience here: Cheap Tweaks: Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 Suspension Strap Mod - The Sound Apprentice


I just came across something cool on the Rosson Audio Design website: you can now order RAD-0 headphones that are recreations of previous models you might have seen and liked. More info can be found here on the “Recreate any RAD-0 Headphones” page:

This is super cool if, like me, you’ve seen some particularly attractive RAD-0s, like these the headphonesdotcom crew designed (image copied from above):


I am sure this is amazing and I want it so bad, but man shipping to Australia was double the amount of the jig.

That’s crazy. It looks like USPS suspended flat rate shipping to Australia due to COVID-19 service disruptions. The strap would easily fit in the small flat rate box or even the small flat rate envelope, which should run around $24 if I remember correctly, once they start offering it again. Still steep though. I used to do a lot of precious metals business with people in Australia but shipping became cost prohibitive in many cases.

Yeah it’s been pretty bad. I really wanted to get this jig as my RAD-0 are truely a big fat 0 as I can’t listen to them for longer then 20-30 min.

So disappointed I feel like writing a complaint to Rosson but dunno what good that would do.

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Would a headband mod work? Don’t think I’ve come across anyone else who’s tried. What’s the diameter of the cups? Also, is it easy to detach the existing headband? Maybe a HiFiMAN or Audeze headband would fit?

But yeah, the only real let down, IMO, is the headband on the RAD-0s.

EDIT: That and the weird 3.5mm wiring.

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From what I have read on here and few people using the mod, yes it works, I believe there was a review written few posts above as well as @rustyrat posting picture further up.

Oops, I should have wrote headband replacement rather than mod.