Rosson RAD-0 A-Stock for $2,000

Rosson Audio Design is offering their A-Stock RAD-0 for $2,000 after discount code YOUARERAD!

They are normally $2,600, this puts them at the same price that their B-Stock usually is.


Damn really like that headphone. Just got to be conservative as I spent nearly 8000 grand on Black Friday :pensive:


Well, if you get these you can make it an even 10K!:laughing:

Someone posted something recently along the lines of “never tell your wife exactly what you spend on your audio system”.

Words to live by!


I don’t have a wife yet, I have a girlfriend and she really doesn’t care as long as it’s not her money. Plans were actually only to spend 1500 for Black Friday :joy:

But yea I will wait. I’m hardly listening to headphones right now, they started whining at work. :pensive:

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