Black Friday Deals - 2021

This thread compiles Black Friday 2021 headphone and audio deals. Here are some placeholder links to start. Please add and update.

Headphones(dot)com: Black Friday 2021 & Holiday Deals

Adorama: Black Friday Deals 2021: Cameras, Lenses & Electronics Sale | Adorama

Best Buy:

Burson Audio:

Campfire Audio: Holiday Vortex Sale – Campfire Audio


this will be a useful thread, no doubt…thanks!

PS. my wallet would like this thread deleted.




Some great deals coming soon!


People might have empty wallets if you do not post soon… :wink:


Noble Audio is having a sale, too


I have emptied my wallet on elegia and lcd - x. now selling stuff from other hobbies - the evil cycle continues :’(


Black Friday from FiiO:

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ZMF November

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Astell&Kern has some deals out today.

  • Astell&Kern x Jerry Harvey Layla Aion $700 off ($2799)
  • Astell&Kern SP2000 $500 off ($2999)
  • Astell&Kern SE200 $400 off ($1399)
  • Astell&Kern x Beyerdynamic AK T9iE $400 off ($899)
  • Astell&Kern SR25 $200 off ($499)

Other deals

  • Hifiman Ananda $100 off ($599)
  • Hifiman HE400se $20 off ($129)
  • Hifiman Ananda BT $200 off ($799)

These are all advance deals. I would expect more deals to drop on Monday.


Sonarworks is also having a sale next week:

It’s been going on for a little while but you can also save on RAAL’s headphones and amps through RAAL direct or any of their authorized dealers.


any one know of any discounts for Audeze that aren’t B grade

Got everything I need, but still want more. Unfortunately I have really shifted to speakers since I can play music 24/7 without disturbing the neighbors😃

Also wanted to toss in there, not stating this as facts, but I think this year will be a lot slower year for Black Friday. Maybe I am completely wrong, but last year a lot of people had extra money with everything going on and really stocked up on goods.

If you hold your horses, cyber Monday maybe killer.

Just my opinion and expectations for audio, and don’t expect it from dealer direct. But these bigger websites aoshida, etc


I’m inclined to agree that one should be picky this year. There were some decent early November sale prices too, so some “Black Friday week” sales may cost more than either before or after.


Anything is possible, that’s why I’m not here to say this is for certain.

On the counter supply chain shortage may drive prices up. Since a lot of things are backed up. I feel everything else will be fine, those sales will boom for certain. Since a lot of people prepare for the holiday season in December.

As mentioned I feel like right now these early sales are just a push to lock in sales and basically take your money prior to having a variety of products on sale.

Also again last year I feel like with stimulus checks unemployment people were able to gather up a good budget towards audio. Even last year about this time was when trump issued that extra 1800 for UI.

We have yet to see, but I think it’s not far fetched that if audio sales don’t take off like crazy they’re going to lure you on cyber Monday to recap those lost sales.

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Drop has the RAAl-Requisite on sale too, same price as other retailers but with the added bonus of 29k reward points (so about $290 to spend on other things). Worth it for those thinking about getting something else from Drop.