Sale on the Etymōtic ER3XR's @ Amazon

You can pick up a set of Etymōtic ER3XR’s for
$107.12, That is a $71.88 Dollar discount. Their regular price is $179.00. I picked up a set of ER3SE’s for the same price a few weeks ago. They are well worth the list price a 40% discount is a no brainer. XR means Extended Response, meaning enhanced bass. I opted for the Studio Edition I have a lot of experience with Ety’s and I have never felt they needed any more bass, but these ER3SE’s blow the doors off of my old Hf3’s. I am listening to my ER3SE’s right now to a Tritonia podcast. The bass it Is blasting me is equal to the Shure SE-215’s I have but with crystal clarity. The frosting on the cake is these earphones have replaceable MMCX cables.



Do you like this one over the SE-215?

How does it handle water (sweat)?


ER2XR is also on sale:


I like both of them. The difference is the enhanced clarity the ER3SE has. The bass between the 2 is very equal the Ety’s bass is more defined as to its source instrumentally. I would say the SE-215 might be better in the sweat department the reason being is the wax filter the Ety has can clog in such an environment. Easy to change but annoying when it happens. If you have the Etyōmic custom fitted you would be good to go in a hurricane

There is another consideration. The Etymōtic’s 3.5mm plug has a 90° angle from the jack. This plug design is very prone to stress damage. The Ety’s cables are replaceable but right now your choices are very limited. The SE-215 has loads of excellent, and cheap, replacement cables most all have a straight 3.5mm plug. If you have a accident the straight plug pulls straight out of the jack, the 90° does not, it hangs up and when it does it Is often internally damaged.


Thanks! Long live to my 2 pairs of SE-215 then. :smile:

I am wearing my 215’s right now. They are 6 years old. I have replaced it’s cables 3 times. Do your self a big favor and get these cables, $30 bucks. I absolutely love them, soft, ultra flexible. Hang the cable over a pencil and the cables will almost touch coming down. Incidentally even thought this cable is a standard MMCX they will not fit on the Etymōtic. The Ety has different non rotational MMCX plug and the standard MMCX cable does not fit.

Here cable I am using.

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Mine is almost 8 years now. Still using the original cable. :smiley:

Noted. Thanks!

I think I may have found a show stopper for me. Is this the case for all Ety’s? .

Yes, at least the current ER’s with the detachable MMCX cable. It’s not a big deal except for the lack of after market cables. The 90° 3.5mm is not to my liking either. Here is what I do with the FiiO BTR5. If the cable gets jerked it does not blast the 3.5mm out of the jack.

If you have a set of Etymōtic’s these are absolutely the best Sleeves you can buy. They blow the doors off of the foam sleeves Ety has. This is nice because they also are the go to’s for my Shure SE-215’s the really nice thing is they have a built in wax filters it keeps the ear goo away from the almost microscopic filter the Ety uses. You can keep a supply in your man purse or equipment bag and you don’t have to fumble with a tool to change them out.