Suggestion for MMCX replacement cable for My Ety's

I am looking for suggestions for MMCX balanced 3.5mm cables for my ER3SE’s. Etymōtic has their replacements, of course, but they cost about $70 bucks for a set. Looking at the one installed on my ER3SE it is not worth that much money. I have been looking at other replacement cables. There are pure sliver wired ones constructed and blessed at a Buddhist Temple in Katmandu With Chakra tuning costing several hundred Dollars :wink: and lower priced but well made and top rated ones selling as cheap as $30 bucks.

I have seen some being sold by Lavri cables and Plussound, though both were 150~200 USD for the base models.

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I just purchased the Etymōtic balanced cable intended for the ER4. They are $10 bucks cheaper purchased through Amazon, $69.95. I am extremely pleased with them.