Schiit Audio Vali 2 - Tube-Hybrid Amplifier - Official Thread

Thanks for splitting!

I got the Vali 2 and the Modi 3 two weeks ago and love the pair, they just fit together. It’s so pleasant to listen to them with the HD650, bass is good enough, treble is smooth, soundstage is nicely 3D. This is a lot of music for about 600€. I’m absolutely fine with the tube.
I had compared the Modi 3 with the RME ADI 2 DAC shortly and even though the RME is technically superior I found the Modi 3 a bit more engaging and more to my taste with the Vali 2. Differences are surprisingly small, depending on how close you look for them.

Modi 3 and Vali 2 and HD650 is great to get grounded in audio, it’s so easy to get sidetracked with all the upgrades available. It’s possible to get lots of music for pretty little money.


Just picked up a modi multibit on Schiits B-stock page. Looking to pair it with a Vali 2 for my office system

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The Modi Multibit/Vali 2 stack was one of my favorites when I listened through the entire lineup at the Schiitr – a great entry point for multibit and tubes. I’m planning on this being my setup when I return to the office post pandemic. Four days in and the stock tube is opening up sonically. The Electro-Harmonix 6CG7 tube is a worthwhile cost-effective upgrade as recommended by @Torq in his review pinned at the top of this thread (I went ahead and got the gold pin, however).


Yours does indeed look to be the new Vali 2+. There’s no small white light on the front, which the older Vali 2 has.

Impressions online seem to indicate the V2+ is more lively and less dark than the V2. This seems to follow the same sonic trend as the Asgard 2 to the Asgard 3.

Schiit’s website now indicates usage with 6N1P and 6CG7 tubes, where those were omitted in the V2 literature. I emailed Schiit about 6CG7 compatibility with the V2 last month and they said it had not been tested.

This might be helpful in choosing whether to buy a Vali 2+, Magni 3+, or Vali 2.


I was thinking about picking up a Vali 2 as a pre-amp for a 789 (don’t @ me, I really like it! I use it with an Elex / Elear with Clear and Elex pads.) What are thoughts about this vs. a smaller lower-end tube amp for a pre with the 789 to get a tube sound pre for something different on occasion without a more major tube investment?

The Vali 2 is warmer and more colored than the current 2+. I really like the Vali 2 and can see it potentially pairing nicely here (perhaps setting low gain on each amp). I recommend it with an Electro-Harmonix 6CGZ tube.

Mine isn’t getting much use these days. You can DM me if interested.

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To me the Vali 2+ is noticeably different than an SS amp like JDS Element II but I haven’t heard the 789.

I don’t know how much tube character is in the pre-outs or even if the tube is in the pre-out circuit (you’d want to verify that).

There’s only so low you can go in price before the components become the lowest quality possible.

Another benefit is that you can use the headphone output of Vali2+ for a third sound option.

I found the stock tube to be clear and focused but I use a 6922 for a more open ‘tubey’ sound.

Also note that hybrid amps don’t have the full ‘tubeness’ all-tube amps.

Im a Schiithead. I finally got around to buying a Vali, the Vali 2++. The tube that came with it is decent but the JAN G.E. 5670W is definitely better and worth the $20 investment. Im really impressed with this little amp.

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