Schiit Audio Magni 3 Amplifier - Official Thread


The Magni 3 is Schiit’s latest, affordable, solid-state headphone amplifier - featuring an all-new topology, switchable gain, high-power output and switched pre-outs:

This the official thread for discussion on this little powerhouse.

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For those interested in the Magni 3, or how it compares to its tube-hybrid stablemate, I have posted a full review and comparison of the two here.


I am new here and don’t have much experience with this sort of thing. I pretty much ruined my hearing when I was younger and am completely deaf in some frequencies. I was having a lot of trouble with all the bass heavy phones that seem to be popular today so I started looking for something better. Last winter I bought an old Realistic bookshelf system and some Samson SR850 headphones. My headphones, although very cheap, sounded pretty good through the Realistic SA-150 amp but the sound was still a little muffled and bass heavy on certain records. I broke down and ordered the Schiit Magni 3 a couple of weeks ago. The difference is amazing. I am hearing things that I never knew were on my albums. I have a hard time turning it off and going to bed at night. This is the only dedicated headphone amp that I have ever used but it is amazing. It is like listening to my records for the first time all over again. Anyway, that’s my uneducated opinion.
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Many integrated stereo amplifiers tend to have pretty poor headphone outputs, so making the switch to a dedicated headphone amp like the Magni 3 is a wise choice.