Schiit Vali 3

So, the Schiit Vali 3 was recently released and it’s getting quite a lot of hype on the Schiit Happened thread over on Head-Fi.

For those that want the story, this is the link to the chapter:

For those that just want the website Schiit Audio: Audio Products Designed and Built in Texas and California

What is it? A tube hybrid amp with 100V rails and that works with 6N3P tubes, allowing you to tube roll 5670, 2C51, ECC42, CV4013 and even the WE396A.

For $149 in black, $159 in silver, its an inexpensive way to start playing with tubes.

It also sounds amazing with a $25 GE5670W tube in it. I’ve found that it’s a great match for Focal Elex and Hifiman Arya Stealth. And it sounds amazing with the HE6SEV2. I’m surprised it drives them, but it’s a really good match.

The real icing on the cake is that it has real punch in the bass, whilst keeping sweet mids and detailed treble.


Thanks for that information.

How “tubey” is the sound from the Vali 3? I know it’s not a pure OTL tube amp, but does it at least impart some of that gooey thickness to high-impedance cans like the 6X0 family and ZMFs?

I’d say that, with it’s low output impedance, this is better suited to low impedance headphones. I found that my HD6XX still sounds better on the Valhalla 2.


Appreciate that input! :slight_smile:

A 1955 WE396A arrived today. Sounds fabulous.

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