Schiit Folkvangr OTL amp

Note I EQ everything with at least a bass shelf of 3db or more starting at 60hz-100hz depending on what I think sounds best. Also I seem to prefer high gain on the Folkvangr for everything I’ve hooked up to it. I primarily listen to rock, metal, and some techno.

Sennheiser HD800S: WOW! These were gathering dust until I started exploring tube amps. That’s why I chose to bring them to audition the Folkvangr. Good thing I did or I wouldn’t own one. This combo is now my go-to when I want to rock out. Great punch and smooth electric guitar.
DANGER: It is easy to crank these up entirely too loud without noticing!

DCA Aeon Noire: Surprisingly good if I engage the impedance multiplier. In fact I find these headphones a bit dull on everything else including the Lyr+. I was going to sell them but now not so sure. The Folkvangr opens them up and adds a bit of bass weight without taking anything away from their excellent clarity.

Grado SR125x: Nice! These little dudes like tubes. Excellent soundstage. Not as wide as the HD800S but the SR125x are much more punchy. I prefer them on the Lyr+ but they work really well with the Folkvangr too.

Focal OG Clear: Ok. I see others who really like this combo but I’ve never preferred the Clear on tubes in general and the Folkvangr is no exception. They just seem less clear to me with no significant benefit.

Sennheiser HD6XX: Ok. Pretty much the same as the Clear for me. But then I’ve never really liked them. I only keep them around as a baseline for other headphones. The Clear punch better and the HD800S have a way better soundstage.

Hifiman HE6se V2: No. Just no. (as expected frankly)

Anxious to try a ZMF on this bad boy. Just need to save up a bit and decide between the Atrium and Caldera.

I like keeping this thread alive with opinions on various headphone pairings. Can we do similar with tube rolling? I’d like to dip my toe in the water without falling in the deep end.