Schiit Jotunheim "R" - Direct Drive RAAL-SR1a Amplifier - Official Thread

I hear you. But, funny thing today I watched a movie with my HD800S thru my Oppo105D, and even thought the 800S and 800 (I have both) series is the most comfortable of the others I have (Utopia and 1266 Phi.) and all others I rented/auditioned (you name it I’ve probably heard it, tried it). As the heat and moisture started to build up inside the ear cups on the 800S, and its the mid winter and I keep my room temp at 68 degrees, I stared at the screen wondering how another SR1a would sound with another “R” out of the Oppo’s balanced or SE outputs ( I have 2 HP rigs 1 upstairs / 1 downstairs). Comfort for me would be soooo good with SR1a over a 2 to 3 hour movie. I’ve been able to listen to music for 3 to 4 hours without having to lift the SR1a off to let my ears cool off.

If there is an SR2a, or whatever, I’ll be at the front of that line to hear what it’s all about. Of course I also have to wait until @Torq weighs in on RAAL’s direct drive power box too.

I have always enjoyed the quest for gear, light reflecting off the the metal face plates during the day, LED’s gleaming in the dark at night, meticulously dressed webs of IC and AC cabling hanging off the back of my equipment racks. The satisfaction of putting a system together and a job well done. And I’ve got some really nice sounding amps, and ones that pull double duty driving my 2 channel of course I wouldn’t relinquish, so I would probably hang on to one HP just for that reason, but its still early in the game and I’m under no pressure to do anything rash or quickly.

But for me the SR1a (with EQ as and if I feel its needed) is just so far ahead of my others in sound and long term wearing comfort.

I know for many the SR1a won’t be optimal, I suspect contemporary genres with over the top thumping bass might be happier with something else.

One of the fun things about this hobby however is I never know where the road will lead me.


Schiit Jotunheim R vs. SPL s800

Have been listening to the JR for the last few days, and I thought I would report my experiences. This is a terrific amplifier with the Raal Requisite SR1a “earfield monitors”. Several advantages: doesn’t get hot (runs warm); one box solution (instead of two); small footprint; balanced inputs; sounds really good with the SR1a. But the biggest advantage is the value for money. Wow!

The SPL s800 is over 3 times the cost of the JR. Is it better? Slightly yes - It has a bit more “meat” in the sound. By comparison the JR sounds just a little “thinner” to me. But, is it THREE times better? No, I would say it is maybe 10-15% better IMHO. This is the dilemma with being an audiophile: that last ten percent of performance comes at a very high premium.

For the money, I highly recommend the Schiit Jotunheim R for use with the Raal Requisite SR1a earfield monitors. Kudos to Schiit.


Does Jotunheim R consume a lot of electric current?

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No … it’s under half an amp (0.41A) at maximum.


thank you very much, i like your way of presenting things, i am new on this forum and new
in the field of headphone listening I read all the reviews this forum, be indulgent to me for questions on technical words that you use to present the quality of a headphone or an amp


@Torq thank you for the great review! I’m sold on the RAAL SR1A + Jot R. I wonder if a Chord Hugo 2 would best the Bifrost 2, what do you think? Or is Bifrost 2 the perfect match for Jot R? Thanks!


I can’t say whether you’ll prefer a Bifrost 2 over a Hugo 2.

If I was building a stack with the Jot R, then of the two I’d go with the Bifrost 2.

Beyond that, unless you’d also be using the Hugo 2 as a (trans)portable unit on its own, you’re better off with the Qutest instead, anyway. You’d save $1,000 vs. Hugo 2, they sound identical, and the Qutest is a better ergonomic fit for desktop use.


Good point! Qutest has the same specs as the Hugo 2 less the Headphone amp which I wont need. Bifrost 2 also looks better as a combo, bit torn now… I will make up my mind soon. Thank you for your awesome feedback!


Hi All, this is an older thread so I will post same question in the SRA1a thread also.

Has anyone with a Jot R used the RAAL adapter to try conventional headphones, like the LCD4 or similar? The HSA1b came with an adapter for doing so, but I am not sure if the Jot 2 is configured for that or if it would be dangerous to the amp or cans…I have a Jot R coming next week for comparison, but nervous to try it with no info. Thanks!

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See my comment here.

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That is an outstanding question and one I have pondered my self.
My intuition tells me it could be okay.
My wallet tells me to be cautious.
and it’s;
Torq to the rescue again. I got 8 other amps that will work with any other phone I have or can think of including a JOT 2.
I made a post earlier today over at Head-Fi stating that I just moved my HSA-1b upstairs to my second rig in the quietest room in my condo. I’m going to install it right next to my Formula S/Powerman to spend some comparison time with my Phi CC on both amps.


Hi fellow RAAL addicts.

I used my just arrived Jot R for a day before leaving for the weekend. Despite dire warnings not to adapt conventional headphones, I gave it a quick try with my 6xx and the RAAL adapter.

No go! Nothing blew up and there was no smoke, but there was virtually no sound, very quiet and veiled. Out of fear I might ruin it with prolonged attempts, I quit quickly.

I’ll post some general comments here about the Jot R as compared to the RAAL amp, but the short version is I am VERY impressed with the Jot R.


Jot R is designed for one thing, current delivery into very low impedance, and sacrifices wattage into normal headphones. 300 Ohm 6xx is simply not going to work. On the other hand, low impedance planars with reasonable sensitivity can “work.”


And what it is designed for it does really,really well.

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Has anyone else who ordered their JotR with the optional Multibit DAC had any issues with the USB/Windows handshake not working? Funny how I had zero issues with the Focal Arche but I have issues with something that supposedly doesn’t require a driver (according to Schiit when using Windows 10).

I had been using the Arche’s DAC as my source when I figured I’d test out the USB on the JotR; unfortunately it was a no-go…zero sound. After a battery of tests including all the suggestions from Schiit support, nothing worked so the unit has been boxed up for inspection/repair.

I don’t expect the Multibit dac to sound better than the Arche, maybe a little different. I figured it’d be nice to include the dac in case it ends up being an AIO in another room.

Side note: I was getting a high floor noise when connected to SE RCA via the Arche (no music but volume turned up near max) but inaudible floor noise via XLR. This was my first time trying WBC Canare L-4E6S Star Quad ‘mic’ cables as interconnects. So far so good, especially for the price of 4/$50. Is there a reason not to use mic cables?

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Hi @yetijr

My Jot R has the MB card also and I had zero issue whatsoever with MacOS. Plug and play. I can switch between it and a number of other DACs at will, and do, including a BF2 which shows up with different name and everything. BTW, the internal DAC sounds really great even in comparison to more expensive options IMO. For the reasons you mentioned wanting it (another room etc) I’d suggest to keep trying when it comes back from Schiit.

I regret I cannot offer any advice with Windows. One other thing that has caused hiccups for me is if my streaming service is in “exclusive mode” and I switch to another DAC while playing nothing happens because Tidal for example is in exclusive mode with the previous DAC. Maybe something to check for.

Regarding cables, I do believe many here use cables using Canare L-4E6S, such as World’s Best. I know I do, and I have an WBC XLR interconnect that permanently replaced a more expensive fancier one which had anemic bass in comparison. And this specifically on the JOTR.

Sorry for your troubles with the JOTR, I am sure they will take care of you at Schiit, its a great amp IMO.


Zero issues with windows 10.

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Glad to hear you’re enjoying the MB DAC. All my recent amps have been AIO units because I like the versatility. One day I’ll go discrete and maybe realize that it makes a huge difference. Maybe it will not since I’m only listening to Spotify Premium.

I asked if they could add optical Toslink while they have it for repair but USB is the only option. Part of my troubleshooting included watching youtube videos and other apps that don’t have exclusive mode, including connecting to my gf’s pc and playing various audio.

Thanks for validating that the Canare L-4E6S works well as an interconnect. I have yet to get into fancier cables but so far agree that these ‘sound’ great. The WBC XLR is listed as a mic cable and unless anyone here says differently I’ll continue using them as interconnects. I don’t mean to stir the pot but I will say that I’ve heard improvements when upgrading cables (USB, interconnects, mic, and headphone). I haven’t tried power cable rolling.

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