Sennheiser HD 4.40 vs Cooler Master MH752 (Takstar Pro82)

I am getting a pair of headphones to replace an old Logitech pair and thought to buy a little more fidelity this time and not gaming gimmicky headsets. I have it down to these two…

The Cooler Master MH752 are basically slightly tweaked Takstar Pro82.

My First and highest concern is comfort. The the narrow ear pad of the HD4.40’s. A lot of people have complained. But I don’t have large ears so I was wondering if someone who has the HP’s could may be post the vertical and horizontal diameter of the inner ear-cup opening/cavity/ear housing?

And if they do turn out to be too small what are a very good fit replacement ear-pads? Brainvavs? Wicked cushions?

Second concern - the Mic. I do a lot of Skype/Discord … so Mic is pretty important. Even some casual on-request podcast/audio book recording. From YouTube review of Zeos etc the mic of MH752 is not bad. But how is the mic on HD4.40? Does it pick up too much of the surrounding? Ceiling fan?

My third concern is Wired vs Wireless. Would I lose sound quality in this? The HD4.40’s DO work in wired mode. But that would defeat the entire purpose.

Because a Wireless headphone has the same about of hardware in the same size of the ear cup as a wired. Extra hard ware but same space. I would think they have to sacrifice something to make it fit?

Source/Amp - None (ASUS FX504 Laptop, OnePlus 6 phone)

How the gear will be used - Gaming, Music (Rock 70s - now & Western Classical)

Preferred tonal balance - None

Preferred music genre(s) - Rock, Classical

Past gear experience - Skullcandy Riff (old earphones not the new BT headphones), 1More Piston something, Sennheiser HD206 & CX213, JBL J03B Tempo, Logitech H390, Plantronics Audio 628.

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PC37X from (Mass) is my favorite current gaming go to(mostly used on consoles, had to buy a separate cable for single cable plugin). The other more expensive one I use on my Gaming PC is the Audeze Mobius. Both have great mics. Both sound great for gaming and music.

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From your username, I first have to ask - do these also have to fit during a full moon?

Your second concern - the Mic, is worth a lot of thought. I’m not a gamer but I used to live online at night, with VOIP and Skype meetings with production teams in India. Also did WebEx training. So needed to think about voice quality. I still go to occasional conferences and meetings, and am always concerned about sound quality when communicating. @DarthPool and a few others do game and can tell you what works for that.

When I want quality sound on Skype these days, I use my Mac Mini and have a Blue Snowball USB microphone.

These are available (base model, iCE ) for about $50 at the usual suspect stores. (Guitar Center, Best Buy)
The sound is WAY better than anything on a headphone. They would work fine with your laptop. As it’s an actual real Microphone, you don’t have to wear headphones to use it! Much better if you want to record video, and even pretty good for Skype with (gasp) speakers instead of headphones. Great with IEMs.

For plugging into a telephone, I find the 1MORE line has good inline microphones. I see you have a set of 1MORE piston… my EDC (Every Day Carry) are the Triple Drivers.

At my office, I use a Plantronics SAVI 7000 series headset - an older DECT model similar to the 8200 series now.
DECT is the standard used for wireless phones, and quality is excellent for voice.

I don’t think that any of the wireless headphones have quality that is as good for music/classical as wired, although some are getting better. Wireless phones are limited both by the amount of power they can draw from battery, and by the technology making the wireless connection. There is a lot of discussion here and elsewhere on the forum.

I have a pair of Sennheiser MM-450s that are OK. They are wireless or wired (noise reduction only in wireless mode). I get about 4-6 hours on a charge. They are completely unremarkable and unimpressive. They are considerably older than your HD 4.40 selection, but were also about 2.5x the cost new.

My guess is that you may end up with 2 rigs - one for gaming and one for music. The music may end up being wired.


Nah… I can’t game with my paws on full moons. We tried.

I have heard of those. But unfortunately cannot buy from Massdrop. (Location - India/South Africa)

Yes. I actually loved the Blue Snowball (non-ICE) when I got to use it a little. And the reviews are all very good.

Yes. I had that fear of Wired vs Wireless sound quality sacrifice concern because usually when I am out … I prefer to carry earphones not headphones so the wireless-ness is not too much an advantage. (and the Cooler Master has detachable cables so… no risk of cable damage making the headphones unusable)

That and the narrow year cups. I have had to donate headphones in the past because I can’t stand uncomfortable on-the-ear headphones/sweaty ear cups. (India and South Africa get real hot)

Does anyone have any opinion on the Takstar Pro82?

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Hmm… well the Pro82 has pretty good reviews…but I have 0 experience with it.

The cooler master seems to be similar quality as the pro82…but with a mic

So really it comes down to how you intend to use them…

If you are requiring a mic then coolermaster…would probably be the better bet.

But once again haven’t heard either so can’t confirm…

Also if heat is an issue I would look at open backs as much as possible.

Honestly… the HD 4.40’s only entered my thought because they SEEM like a decent budget wireless headphones. And because I thought may be it’s time to give wireless a chance. IF and ONLY IF the mic is good enough. Sure I can get a lav mic or if I am feeling spendy… the Snowball. But that would come after I have spent some time…testing this one out.

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I’m a fan of Sennheiser so I think it would be fine…especially if you want to give wireless a go

I’ll see if a store nearby has a demo unit.

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So I went and checked a demo unit of the HD 4.40’s in the store today and man am I glad I did that.

Apparently on any kind of call… Phone/Discord/Skype etc if you use the mic… It basically turns on this feature where the mic picks up the ambient noise and sends it to your headphones. Like a pass through. So you hear the room/people etc all around you. It basically turn off the passive noise cancelling from the ear packs/cushions. Which by the way are very comfortable. This is big turn off.

So… the Cooler Master MH752 (Takstar Pro82) it is.

Thank you everyone.


One headphone I’ve never heard - or heard a gamer review is the Grado Wireless.

I suspect they are quite good, and something different than the usual gamer headphones, and that their attention to the microphone is up to their usual standards.

If any of you get to audition a pair, I’d love to see some impressions.