Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless Teaser Announcement June 14, 2022

To be available in August


My biggest gripe with any over-ear ANC headphones is that pressure feel of NC.


Looks like a hybrid mix of the PXC-550 and the Momentum series. Feel like the Momentums have always stayed somewhat below the radar so I wonder if this is the headphone that ends up putting it in the conversation with Sony and Bose.


I think the big hangup for most ANC headphones is comfort and tuning. Sennheiser seem to be the only ones focusing on tuning so if they can make these comfortable they’d have a winner.


Hi @Resolve,
Any plan to try the momentum 4 ?
(It would make for a great youtube video. That would be, in my humble opinion , the type of videos that would increase the subscriber count, especially since you would be, as opposed to all other reviews, focusing on dectrypting the sound characteristics.)

If we’re able to get one in absolutely I’ll review it.


Hi Resolve where you able to get one and of so have you reviewed it?

I only review cables now, sorry.

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Well I ended up buying it for my daughter, but I won’t be able to listen to it until she opens it…(maybe I can open it and pack it up exactly like it was!!!)