Momentum4 or QuietComfort 45 ear pad measurements

I need a pair of ANC wireless over the ear headphones (iems do not work for me, so the TWS models are out). I am looking at the Bose Quiet Comfort 45 and the Sennheiser Momentum 4. I have semi-Dumbo ears, so the interior size of the ear cups is vital. Does anyone have the interior measurements for these two models (height and width)? I’m open to suggestions of other brand/models as well.
Thanks in advance!

I went with the 1000MX5’s recently when looking at noise cancelling headphones, but audio quality wasn’t really a consideration. It’s not terrible on the Sony’s if you use the built in EQ, but the Sennheiser’s will win that fight pretty handily, albeit with the worst (though not bad) noise cancelling.
All the older Bose earcups were on the small side, I have a set of QC15’s I replaced.
I can measure the Sony’s later today.

Thanks, much appreciated.


Thanks, man! Oh, and a quick question: Are the pad dimensions for the MX5’s and the MX4’s the same? The MX4’s fold up more compactly than the 5’s do.

I couldn’t tell you, if they are the same.
minimizing size wasn’t something I needed, I use them on aircraft almost exclusively, and I was already carrying the QC15 case which is about the same size as the 1000 MX5’s case. For me it was primarily about comfort and noise cancelling.
Pad interior dimensions are roughly 40mm by 60mm, it’s hard to gauge depth because the pads compress so much, but my ears are quite prominent and they don’t bother me.

Thanks! This is a big help, since there is no place even remotely local where I can ‘try before I buy’, and none of the descriptions on Amazon cover pad sizes.

Momentum 4 earcups are 65mm by 45 mm or 2.6"x1.8" aprox, recently they upgrade to Aptx HD 96 but ear detection and overall interaction with the app is not very good, the ANC is very decent

I use the Sennheiser Momentum 4 for air traveling, and its really great and comfortable.

Thanks, man… exactly the info I needed!