Should we have music suggestion threads separated by Genre?

I really love going through the “New Music Thread” or “Songs to test headphones with” threads to discover music. But one thing that’s challenging about those is that it’s hard to find music in a specific genre. I will often run into genres that generally don’t work for me (e.g. woozy electronic songs with soft voices and vague lyrics that convey no emotion and have no teeth), and I’m sure others have their own genres that don’t interest them.

It may be useful to have separate music suggestion threads per genre to improve discovery and give more focus to the discussions. It will also be a great reference for new users in the future. What do you think?


I think that’s a great idea. Though some might say it could get a little cluttered, what with all the different genres and sub-genres. Personally I tend to stick to certain genres. I can and do though listen to all types of music apart from bass heavy stuff. But I agree it’s a nice idea.

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Back before the Internet killed retail, Tower Records (the best recorded music chain in my area) had a special classical room and a general “all other” room. The classical clientele were a wildly different crowd.

My concerns for this forum include:

(1) Not enough “new music” participants here to cover all the genres, and there are plenty of competing websites. This place is primarily for headphones, and doesn’t have that many users yet.

(2) For me, Songs to Test Headphones is explicitly NOT about my musical tastes and has semi-objective criteria. I use a selection of tracks to pick-up on reproduction issues and tonal quality. I don’t particularly like some of the tracks I use for testing and some had poor mastering, but I know that they reveal flaws well. [E.g., The thin, bright, buzzy, warehouse-sounding, cheap equipment early albums from The Replacements. Bad headphones = screeching sounds. Or, Suzanne Vega’s “Woman on a Tier” can have an odd instant-headache effect due to the use of trash cans for percussion.]

What I look for includes: (a) bass extension and clarity, (b) high-end harshness, © how distortion is handled, (d) ability to reveal subtle sounds, to include room echoes, string noise, and breath, (e) ability to handle extremely complex passages, (f) stereo channel separation, (g) dynamic range vs. compression, (h) overall warmth vs. brightness, etc.

So, to this end I’d probably move toward editing and curating the suggested test tracks so they can serve general testing and cover the bases quickly. We might propose and discuss specific tracks for specific quality/neutrality tests and separately for listening goals.

I don’t spend most of my time testing; it’s mainly for reviews and purchasing. Of course, you do want a pleasant selection of songs if you test the same headphones with half a dozen amps and another half dozen DACs.


This is definitely possible. All it would require is a tag for a specific genre to make it easy to sort. If anyone wants to create a specific thread for a genre, just fire @andrew, myself or @Jaethan and we can tag it.

I am currently going through the “Songs to test headphones with” and pulling songs out and separating them by genre but that is a bit of longer term project since there are so many great songs in the thread.


YES. I agree

I would like to really get involved with a classical and jazz thread.

Great comment. My reply…is it the music or the headphone or some combination of the both.

The way I see it, there are two different needs for music suggestion:

  1. Music to really test headphones with, just like you mentioned above. And having a curated list with an explanation of what each song tests for will be SUPER helpful. That sort of list will likely be a focused effort from a select few experts who know what to look for.

  2. Music that one currently doesn’t listen to or know much about but is willing to explore. Good headphones make music sound better, and what better way to enjoy new genres than to do it while appreciating your gear? This one can be split up into genres and be more community driven.


I will be very honest. There have been many “reference” recordings put out for suggestion. Maybe we should clarify if we are talking about the performance itself or or the quality of the sound through headphones… and the variables in that are almost unlimited. i respect all genres of music discussed here but there seems to have been minimal classical/jazz etc music being talked about. I admit. The whole classical/jazz genre is a huge foxhole to get into.

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I listen to “new” music through Itunes/Hd-600/Headroom Airbit. I don’t listen to things that I already have CD’s… Ok…I admit. I will listen to music that I already own. There is always that “new” interpretation.

In terms of classical music,it gets more complicated with some labels putting out DSD/standard stereo multi-channel/stereo purists. Just that so much more to compare.

I like to listen to classical music and jazz. But to be honest the genres are a bit scary for people like me if your not very well informed about them. It seems that people [and I know I am generalising] who are passionate about jazz and classical music really know their stuff. It’s a whole new rabbit hole to go down. :slight_smile:

It would be good for some of the really knowledgeable guys to have a thread where we noobs in the genres can pick up some tips and tracks to look out for. It’s just a thought but I feel that a lot of audiophiles old and new often look towards the classical genre when testing new headphones. It’s often a gateway into jazz and classical. Just a few rambling thoughts of mine.


I like the idea, mostly because I don’t really know too much about music. I tend to just listen to random tracks and I’ll add them to my collection as I like them. I’m not really a fan of any one group or genre. I just like to get lost in music and if I like a track it’s for that track. I look forward to diving into what everyone else likes listening to.


Yes…to classical misc Thank you ,Taron, for setting that up

Yes… to jazz. Thank you to Taron for setting that up

heyyy…when it comes to classical or jazz…most of us or noobs simply because we are looking at decades of recording performance and new performances of “same music/different interpretation” and completely new music right through today. It’s almost a lifetime endeavor.

Personally I like things the way they are.
As noted above Music for testing headphones is less about genre and more about sound.
New music? I like that there are genres and songs that I wouldn’t necessarily seek out if they weren’t in
that thread. I wouldn’t specifically read a bass & Percussion thread, but I might listen to a track if it’s in the
thread I’m reading.
As I tell my programming trainees KISS!