Shouldn't be funny.......but

I was letting a friend experiment with the DT 880’s and the iFi Black Label. He listened for a couple minutes with an intense look before grimacing and telling me “something’s wrong with them…they’re unbalanced, the right side is weaker”. I’ve known him for years and we’ve spent many days on the range, so I tried to not laugh as I told him “rotate and switch them, left to right”. He did…then complained they were still unbalanced but now it was the “left” side that was weak. It took a couple minutes to convince him that his ears were hearing at different levels, and it wasn’t the headphones. Next time we go out shooting he’s going to shoot left handed and see if it helps re-balance his ears. :crazy_face:


Hang-on … either I’m a bit too far into my pre-Mardi Gras claret, or surely the reduced sound level should have stayed on the same side if it was down to his hearing?!

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when he listened the first time, the “right” side was on his right ear…and it sounded weaker. When he switched them, the “left” side was on his right, so he thought the “left” side was now weaker, which confused him even more

Oh right, with you now!

Not down to hearing issues (even though I’m a competitive shooter) … but when I got my JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266 I though I had a channel imbalance issue, as the bass on one side was so much more pronounced than the other.

Then I thought maybe it was a hearing issue.

In the end I looked at the file and found the bass was panned to the right (probably not noticeable on a speaker rig due to the long wavelength of low-frequency notes, but definitely audible with headphones).

Had me worried for a while.

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yeah…that would be irritating and completely ruin the experience. Have to be careful if you are wearing them while out walking…might find yourself walking in circles as you try to subconsciously balance the hearing


If I wore the AB-1266 out while walking, I’d be more worried about the spontaneous appearance of Doctor Who and his sonic-screwdriver-driven-attempts to convert me back from Cyberman-dom.


thanks…i needed that laugh :joy:

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