Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones Thread

This thread is for discussing the Shure SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphones.

I’m surprised there was no specific thread for this in this community, even though the IEM itself is quite mature by now.


If there is such club, a specific thread is well deserved. Agreed, @prfallon69? :smiley:

My first moments with the SE846 is described here:


I have been a Shure owner for years. Starting off with their lower end offerings at the beginning of my audio journey. Worked my way to the SE846’s. I still love them and they have a real place in my heart.

They obviously can not compete with the real big boy’s of the iem realm, certainly in regards to technicalities. But they still get ear time.

Again congratulations on your purchase.


Thanks man.

I still have to test the tuning filters. What is your favorite one, btw?

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I prefer the White filter myself. It adds a little extra brightness that for my personal the 846’s need.

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I tried the black one yesterday (warm filter) and I found it too boomy and “dark”.

I left the white one for now as well.


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