SOLD: A&Ultima SP2000 CU (Astell & Kern)

Price: $1,295
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling my A&K SP2000 Cu as I’ve replaced it with a Cayin N30LE.

Unit works perfectly and is in like-new condition, with no marks, scratches, dents, or dings. Copper looks as bright and fresh as it did on day one. The screen is pristine; I put a 3rd party screen protector on it on right out of the box and it has not been used without one. Battery is in excellent shape and gets essentially the same run-time as it did from new.

The included A&K case has never been used. I took it out to take pictures/make sure it was there, and then put it back in its protective bag and box. Included A&K protection films are also included and have not been used.

The unit has been kept in a Miter case (w/ integrated) stand, which is also included.

Includes all the original packaging and accessories, and has been kept in a pet, child, and smoke free home. AND, if you’re buying this via The HEADPHONE Forum, I’ll include a random selection of IEMs (don’t know what yet, but don’t get too excited … they’ll largely be from the “Cheap IEMs” thread posts).

Price includes PayPal fees and fully insured, signature-required, shipping.

Will NOT ship outside USA.

Open to partial/full trades.

Trade items would need to be in similarly like-new condition and complete.

Thinking something in the portable/transportable/IEM space. Possibly IER-Z1R, or some other universal IEM (but nothing that uses BA drivers for bass/sub-bass) etc. or maybe some other novel player (maybe SP2000T, N8ii, etc.).

NOT interested in full-size headphones or desktop gear; I have all I need/want there. Also not interested in 3rd party IEM cables; I build my own.

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Hi-is this item still available?

Strictly speaking, no.

I sold it to a local chap back at the start of October.

He might be willing to sell it, as I don’t think he wound up using it as much as he thought, but I’m not going to bother him about it unless you’re 100% sure you want it.

You’d also need solid, verifiable, trade feedback on a major audio/headphone site/trade-board (Head-Fi, SBAF, USAM, Audiogon) as I limit transactions with new accounts to values <$500 (and I’d have to proxy the trade, as he is not on here).

Hello. I’m intrested if still available!

See my previous response.

I do know the chap I sold it too will sell it, but the rest of the above criteria still apply*. To make it easier, I’ll take the payment, I’ll ship the unit, so as far as you, and PayPal, are concerned you’re buying from me.

If you’re sure you want it, let me know.

*And it no longer includes any IEMs as its not my unit anymore; I’m just facilitating the sale as the chap I sold it to is not on any audio forums.

As far as verification I’m on Headfi, sound quality classifieds, DIYCARAUDIO. I’ve sold plenty of equipment ect… Brian_323 on diycaraudio. Headfi I’m Brian323 and on sound quality forums Brian Villarreal.

I don’t see any trade/classifieds feedback on Head-Fi.

Never heard of the other sites you mention.

On Headfi not sure if I had any trades ect… it’s been a minute since I’ve logged on. Just getting back to the audio game… on the other sites I know forsure I have plenty of transactions…

If it’s not a site I know the community in and already use (as listed), I’m afraid it’s not useful “verification” in this context. I’m not trying to be difficult, but I’m also no longer the one selling the thing.

Also, he said he had bought a PW Audio 4.4mm adapter for it (this one, I believe), which he’d want to include, which would up the price to $1,395.

I’ll shoot him a message and see if he’s okay with it - but it’s his call. May just have you work out the details with him at this point (via email).

No worry’s. Thanks again!

So … does that mean I should see if he’s okay with it and have you send me the money, try and get you two talking directly, or just forget it?

Sod it.

He can sign up here and deal with it himself.

Closing this listing as I no longer have the thing.

Sorry for the late reply… yes ask him if he wants to sell it… however you guys decide to do it I’m open to it. Or you can have him contact me. Just let me know what you/he wants or can do… thanks.

PM me your email address and I’ll pass it along.

You guys can figure it out from there.