SOLD: Audeze LCD-X (2021) with extras

Price:$750 NOW SOLD
Currency: USD
Ships to: Any verified PayPal account/address in the USA lower 48

As the title states, this is the 2021 revision model. I purchased these from another forum member almost exactly a year ago, when they were still basically brand new, but the original owner had purchased it before the Creator Edition started coming with its own case. So these headphones lack that case, but they will come shipped in the original box from Audeze, which is very well-padded. I also have the certificate of authenticity, and I can share with you the screenshot of the original receipt if needed for warranty purposes.

The headphones come from a smoke free, pet free (except for reptiles my kids keep upstairs), and virtually fragrance free home (my wife has a thing about fragrances). Extras include the ZMF Pilot Pad, which makes the headphones much more comfortable in my opinion, along with the original head strap (I can reinstall the original strap before shipping if you’d prefer). Also included is a ZMF OFC balanced cable ($100 on the ZMF website) along with the original cable.

Price includes shipping via UPS with insurance (I will also require a signature to be safe in case of theft). And I will cover Paypal fees if you pay via Goods and Services (generally a good idea for the buyer). DM me or reply if you have any questions.

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I wanna buy them.
Can you send an invoice please?
Talk to you in private.

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I just wanna say this is a very nice add and you give the buyer great assurances and incentives. Well done, sir. :slight_smile:

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