SOLD: Burson Soloist 3X GT + Supercharger - $1,450

Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer (GT)
This is not the latest 2023 edition

Price: $1,450
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere


  • Amp
  • Vertical cool stand
  • 5A Supercharger
  • Silver hardware (can be swapped in for the red, if preferred)
  • Remote
  • Original box

I liked this amp way more than I expected to. Why sell it, then? Well, my primary amp is a high-end tube amp, but I liked the Soloist 3X GT so much, that I am selling it to pursue a move up the solid state ladder, which I hadn’t anticipated doing until this amp.

I didn’t do any op amp rolling, but that is a possibility for those who want to tweak the sound. This class A amp will give you an incredibly transparent, crisp sound, with a surprising amount of holography and stage width and depth.

Happy to answer any questions folks may have!


This amp has sold. :slight_smile: