SOLD: Cayin iHA-6 Headphone Amplifier

Ships to:USA
I’m trying to gather some funds together to buy a ZMF Aegis tube amp. Unfortunately, I’m having to sell some gear I really like. This is actually the second iHA-6 I’ve owned. I regretted selling it the first time, so I bought it again! I’ve since added a Mjolnir 3, so I’ve decided I really don’t need a second solid-state amp.

I’m not the first owner of the amp, and it got to me with a few cosmetic issues, none of which affect the amp’s functionality. I did my best to point out all the little imperfections in the pictures. The amp works great and sounds excellent with both dynamics and planars. I really liked the high-impedance singled-ended outputs with my ZMF dynamics. The balanced out, in high-current mode, was superb with my Meze Elite.

The amp doesn’t have the original box, but it will come with the power cord and will be packed very securely.

I’m looking for $395 shipped in the US (lower 48). I don’t think you’ll find a better amp under $400. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking!