SOLD: Emission Labs (EML) 300B Tubes with ~250 hrs - Matched Pair - $375

Price: $375
Currency: $USD
Ships to: Anywhere

Full details from Emission Labs:
Best price for new ($595):
Alternative source for new ($709):

These were included with two other sets of 300B tubes when I bought my Woo Audio WA5-LE, and I simply preferred the sound signature of a different set, but definitely a case of personal preference rather than a clear better / worse. They were actually the quietest tube (noise floor) of the bunch, and had the best bass.

They have ~250 hours on them - about 200 hours by the original owner, and I added another 50 or so.

They come in original packaging and will be shipped USPS Priority mail. I will cover shipping to the US as well as PayPal fees. International is fine, but buyer pays shipping in that case.

I’m giving a 48-hour head start for this (my favorite) forum until they get posted elsewhere. :slight_smile: Happy to answer questions!


Adding one more photo in case folks find it useful:


I sent to a friend of mine who is interested he might have pm’d you about them? @bhk1004 is the username, good dude and new to the forum but I can vouch for him :slight_smile: if that helps

Thanks Tyler! Helping me blow all my money…


This is the “SRAF” way… lol I’m a quick learner

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SOLD! :slight_smile:

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Sraf is life and congrats!!

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