SOLD FS: Focal Stellia with extras

Price: 2100
Currency: USD
Ships to: U.S.

I am selling a pair of Focal Stellia. I love these headphones and the only reasons I’m selling is to finance my LCD-5 order and now that I work from home I have little need for a TOTL closed back.

Originally purchased Oct. 31, 2019, so still have over a year of warranty left. Purchased from an authorized dealer. I am a head-fi regular and will support any warranty efforts.

This package includes:
All original packaging with the exception of the original 3.5mm cable.

  • The 3.5mm cable that was replaced by Focal under warranty. The original cable with headphones lost sound from left ear. They replaced it with a newer black cable that adds transparency and detail retrieval to these headphones. It is an upgrade. I have include the original broken cable for anyone that wants to repair.
  • The headband is a darker chocolate color due to using a high-quality leather cleaner on this. This chocolate look is preferred to me because it does not show the aging and patina that often happens with fine leathers like this and it matches the Focal Stellia pads.

Also includes:
A corpse cable for Focal headphones
Dekoni Focal Stellia limited edition pads.
A new, barely used set of Focal Stellia pads.
Original Stellia pads.

The price includes fees and shipping to United States.

Note, the mark on the silver portion of one of the cups is not a mark, but just a little moisture from being wiped clean.

I have traded headphones on Reddit, head-fi and over the years. You can find my previous posts on those sites and no complaints about sales with me.