SOLD: FS: Focal Utopia

Price: 2200
Currency: USD
Ships to: North America

Excellent condition Utopia w/ original cable, case, packaging.
2200, includes US shipping and PayPal. Can ship to Canada for extra. Thanks!


Solid pics, what did you shoot em with

Also do you have pictures of the original cables? Including the condition of the terminating ends

OMG I can’t afford the Utopia but can I buy that stand?

Srsly, where can I get one?

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That looks like a white ROOMs Audio headphone stand.

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you can get them from thomann online store

they are made by ROOMs Audio and come in all kinds of different colours/woods + a Pro variant with adjustable height and different widths for the headband support


That looks right. Thanks!

Thanks! It’s a Sony A7iii. Here is a pic of the cable:

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Why are you selling these? Thanks.

Sold to @FiioM7Paul - thanks!

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