SOLD: FS: Sennheiser HD600 (SOLD), AKG K712 Pro (SOLD), Audeze LCD-1 ($270)

Price: HD600: SOLD
K712 Pro: SOLD
LCD-1: $250 (price drop)
(all prices include shipping)
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental US

After much consideration and deliberation, it’s time for these great headphones to find a new home. I wanted to give the good people of this community a chance to pick these up before putting them up on AVExchange since I’ve come to really enjoy this community and prefer it to most others for discussion of all things headphone related.

Some notes:
The HD600s are a certified refurbished pair that I bought off Amazon. They will come in their original display box and cardboard sleeve that has a Sennheiser certified refurbished sticker on it. There is a small scuff on one of the earcups that is honestly not very visible unless you are in a brightly lit environment. I didn’t notice it for several months after I purchased it. Headphone is in great working condition.

The AKG K712 Pro has been a beloved daily driver of mine for several years now. It spent its entire life either sitting on my desk or sitting on a shelf in my closet. As such, it is in very good condition save for some slight fading of the “K712” logos on the earcups. This particular unit is one I purchased in 2014 from Amazon. It is one of the “Made in Austria” pairs that are no longer available brand new. I can’t speak to how this unit compares to newer ones made elsewhere, but its build quality has been great for the time that I’ve owned it. The unit will come with both the short coiled cable and the orange long cable. Unfortunately I no longer have the carrying pouch it came with.

The LCD-1s are essentially a brand new pair that I received from Audeze to replace a previous pair that suffered a broken headband. I used them for less than an hour total to ensure that they worked and then placed them right back into their original packaging.

Pictures are attached. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Will be lowering the LCD-1 price to $270 shipped.

I’m unable to modify the thread title or my original post, but wanted to update that the LCD-1 has been sold. Thanks everyone.