SOLD: FS: SPL Phonitor X + Performer s800

Price: 4,500
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Up for sale is an awesome SPL kit, the renowned and vowed for some as one of the best solid state headphone amp - the SPL Phonitor X and the powerful power Amp to goes with it to elevate your speaker rig or the SR1a, the SPL Performer s800.

The Phonitor X is a versatile standalone box with a DAC, headphone amp and pre-amp. I bought it a year ago from for $2.8k. Some of the letters are starting to come off the front panel - common problem with these units. Please see pictures.

The Performer s800 (bought in September of 2019 for $3.3k from Vintage King Audio) is a powerful power amp that I used to drive my SR1a and Susvara. I’ve acquired a great tube amp for my headphone rig and a fit-for-purpose amp for the SR1a.

I still have two Performer s800 in mono block configuration and a Phonitor X pre-amp in my speaker rig - that’s how much I like them.

I’m looking for the following:

Phonitor X - $1,900
Performer s800 - $2,750
Combo deal (preferred option) - $4,500

I’ll gift two sets of 1.5 ft balanced Better Cables ($220) and a 3.5mm 12V trigger cable if bought as a combo deal.

They will be shipped in the original Packaging with stock power cables.

All prices are firm and include PayPal Fees and Shipping.

Kept in a smoke, child and pet free household.



It took a while but this is now SOLD!

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Can you share a link to cables/adapters you use to connect the Susvaras to the s800? Much obliged, in advance.

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Thanks, Mr Cypruz. If I may ask, what do you drive your Susvaras with now?

Woo Audio WA33 and RAAL-requisite HSA-1b!

Wow. Awesome. The WA33 is magical. One last question, when you ran the Susvaras off the s800, what was your choice of pre-amp?

Thanks. Phonitor X and sometimes Schiit Freya+ or WA33.

Phonitor X was really awesome, super clean and fast when compared to the tube pre-amps.