SOLD:FS: Kimber Kable D60 Dual BNC cables

$295 shipped to continental U.S. via insured USPS. PayPal. These are very good quality 1 meter cables to connect a Chord M Scaler to a Qutest, Hugo TT2, or Dave. I have utilized them to connect to all three of these products in recent months. Retail for the pair is $880. Thanks for looking.


$195 shipped, in order to clear out a valued shelf in the house.


Hi Kirk, new here on this forum (I participate in AudiophileStyle, Head-Fi and WBF). I will take your cables, just let me know how you want to proceed. I assume you take Paypal?

Thanks, Blake


Someone else just beat you to the cables. I will let you know if there are changes. Thanks

Ok, thanks for the update. If we were super close in our timing, I would even pay you a bit more.

Thanks. There is not much demand for bnc cables so hard to sell unless prices at 75% off. I’ll let you know if the other buyer changes his mind for some reason.

Yeah, these cables are for a very small sub-market of our hobby.

Kirk Did you ever sell these? I didn’t see a marked sold on them. I have some interest.

Hi, yes, they sold for $175. Kirk

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