SOLD: Quicksilver Headphone Amp + lots of tubes

Price: $950
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA
It was a tough decision, but I have decided to sell one of my favorite amps. The Quicksilver was my first tube amp, and it opened my eyes to a whole new side of audio. I jumped in with both feet and bought a ton of 12AX7s and EL84s to try in the amp. After investing well over $1000 in tubes, I found a number of truly excellent pairings.

I recently bought a very nice solid-state amp and have decided to get out of the tube game, at least for a while. I’m selling the Quicksilver to help me recoup some of the recent expense.

I’m happy to sell the Quicksilver barebones with only the stock tubes and power cord or as part of a bundle with any or all of my 12AX7s and EL84s. Just let me know how much you’re willing to spend on tubes, and I’ll get you a nice assortment of tubes put together. I have stuff as fancy as a matched pair of $350+ 1954 Amperex long plate 12AX7s. My two most expensive (and favorite) EL84s are a pair of 1955 Mullards and a pair of 1958 welded plate foil disc getter Tungsrams. I have lots more to choose from, especially EL84/6BQ5s. Feel free to inquire.

For the base package including the Quicksilver, stock tubes, and power cord, I’d take $950. That price includes shipping in the lower 48. I’d appreciate a Friends & Family payment on Paypal, but I’d be happy to use Goods & Services and split the fees with the buyer.


I’m now including a pair of Gold Lion gold pin 12AX7s and Ei (Yugoslavia) EL84s that I got from Upscale Audio if you buy the amp at my current asking price.

This was my first upgraded tube roll in the Quicksilver, and the combo sounds great.

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