SOLD: RAAL HSA-1a Amp (for SR1a, speakers and w/ update for normal headphones) - $2,750

Price: $2,750
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

I’m selling my updated RAAL-requisite HSA-1a direct-drive amplifier for SR1a, speakers and normal headphones. The update swaps the second SR1a output for a conventional 4-pin XLR output for driving normal, balanced*, dynamic or planar magnetic headphones.

This is the best sounding amplifier I’ve heard for the SR1a excepting a couple of very high-end, and much more expensive, speaker amplifiers.

Selling to get the upcoming HSA-1b, which is the same fundamental amplifier, but with the compensation switch moved to the front panel, and a stepped attenuator instead of a conventional pot, at a higher price ($4,500).

Also included is the factory adapter for driving inefficient/power-hungry headphones, like the HE-6 and Susvara, via the HSA-1a’s SR1a output.

I’m the original owner. It’s been kept in a pet, child, smoke, cologne and virus-free home. Will ship in its original packaging.

Price includes PayPal fees and fully insured shipping.

Not looking for trades. Must have appropriate participation/trader feedback. Discount for cash-sale with local pick-up.

*Balanced headphone connection only. You cannot use an adapter to drive single-ended headphones from the 4-pin XLR outputs.


Price dropped from $2,850 to $2,750.

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