SOLD Schiit Lyr 3 with 8 tube lot

Price: $450
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

I’ve decided that it’s time to let me Lyr 3 go. I have loved this amp and had some great listening from it but I got a proper SET amp recently and the Lyr 3 just isn’t getting used anymore. It’s in great shape and will come with a socket saver and 8 tubes. The only cosmetic “issue” with it is that the Schiit logo on the top peeled off. The tubes that it comes with are: 1 stock Tung Sol, 1 Sylvania “Bad Boy”, 1 Ken Rad Black Glass, 1 Westinghouse Reliatron, and 4 Foton tubes several of which have had the pins preemptively re-soldered. All work and sound good. The power cord and original box come with it as well they just aren’t pictured.

I’m asking $450 for everything and would prefer not to split up the tubes. This price includes paypal and shipping in CONUS. International shipping will be at the buyer’s expense.

IMG_9048 (1)


Price drop to $435 shipped.

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I already own a Lyr 3, with those tubes that is an excellent deal. You also know enough to have re-soldered some of the Foton pins. I have a pretty good idea who came up with that. :grinning:


I bet you are the one that actually did the re-solder on them then. I got them from Monahans67 on HeadFi and I’m pretty sure that he said that he had you re-solder them (assuming that you are Paladin79 over there). I ended up with a number of them because he had a family tragedy and was selling some gear off to help so I bought a whole bunch of tubes from him to help him out. These are the ones that I held back for myself.


I am indeed Paladin79 there and came up with that method when people said those tubes need 100 hours of burn in. Chances are you have ribbed plate versions from the 50’s.


Yup, that is indeed what they are. Of the tubes that I tried on the Lyr 3, I thought that they were my favorites overall.

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This has been sold and is no longer available.


This really is a small community, isn’t it?

Most interesting For Sale thread I’ve ever read.