SOLD: (UK/EU) Burson Conductor-3X

Price: 1300
Currency: GBP
Ships to: UK/EU

New Burson conductor-3X. This is a very powerful headphones amplifier / preamp. It works best with power hungry and hard to drive headphones. Pairs very well with planar magnetic cans.

Conductor 3x is fully balanced version of 3ref. I have seen many glowing reviews of both amplifiers.

There is no lack of features and sheer power and absolutely transparent sound makes Conductor 3 a real reference to be achieved. Is it worth it? No doubt.

PP fee and shipping in UK included in price. Safely packaged in original double box.


Hi, is this new or used? still under warranty ?

Hello and welcome @niavanna.

Hi is this still for sale?

it has been sold , sorry

How were they as a headphone amp? Don’t see much content out there on burson products and I am interested in them.