SOLD: Woo Audio WA6 SE Gen 2 (new in March 2020)


Sorry to let this go, but this furlough is starting to hurt.

I bought this amp brand new from Woo in March 2020. Mint condition, just now broke in. Comes with original box, manual and stock tubes.

Also included is a NOS Brimar 5z4gy rectifier tube. I liked this one better than the upgrade Sophia 274B tube that Woo sells. Just to be clear, the Sophia 274B is not included even though I bought one with the amp.

You get a pair of these really cool Pearl Tube Coolers too!

Shipping to be paid by buyer. Package dimensions 16.0" × 15.0" × 12.0" (25.0 lbs)

Us sales only.


Hi! What kind of headphones did you use with it? I have some fairly sensitive Utopias.

Also how did you like using it?

I use it with ZMF Eikons on the High impedance jack.
All of Woo’s stuff is great and really solidly built. If it wasn’t for the money issues I’d keep it.
I can play my phones with the Hugo 2 and it’s still a really good sound, but not as good as using the amp which increased soundstage width, dynamics and a little touch of that tube magic.

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Nice!! I’m gonna think about it. It’s beautifully designed and seems like a modest footprint for desktop use.

This is one of those posts you want to dislike, not because of the post but because you feel you have to sell something you’d probably rather keep. Hoping things get back on track for you soon.


Thanks, I appreciate it