SOLD: Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Gen 2 & Tubes

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Amp + Tube Power Bricks
Price: $900 USD includes USA Shipping for Amp + Stock Tubes
$150 for 4 tube upgrades or $100 for bundle with amp

For sale is the Woo audio WA7 Fireflies Gen 2 set which includes the Amp and the matching Tube Power supply. Both come with original tubes as well as the 1 foot umbilical cord cable as well as an additional $150 4 foot umbilical cord cable for longer separation of the blocks.

I also have the Electroharmonix Gold Pin tubes as well as CBS Hytron 5814 (1958 NOS) tubes for the Amp and Power Supply that I can sell for an additional $100 or separately, which is $200 total normally.

Price includes Shipping to USA only. I will split costs for Canada.


Very very tempting. Damn they look pretty.


Reduced prices for this forum

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Are you upgrading to a better tube?

not necessarily. downgrade really, but consolidating for now. I bought a Saga+ Preamp to feed my other newly acquired schiit gear – it’s a matching set. Plus for whatever reason, my wife approves the schiit and wasnt a fan of the Woo around the house. (i think shes the only one who doesnt like the looks of the Fireflies)

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that is also needed some times. I have also reached a: I-can’t-buy-anything-for-the-next-months-without-getting-divorced period.
So good idea :+1:


Sorry to bump an older thread, but I’m trying to decide between the Lyr 3 and the Woo WA7 Fireflies. I’m going to be using it with 4 primary headsets - HD600, Elegia, Aeon2, and JH11Pro CIEMs.

Would the WA7 have any difficulties with any of these?


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I am the wrong to ask, @antdroid is the right one.

I don’t recommend the wa7 for iems and it’s ok with planars but not great. The lyr3 is better for all gear and tube rolling is cheaper.

Wa7 had very limited and expensive tube options and the stock tubes aren’t that great in my opinion.


Thanks for the information, now I’m really happy I decided to order the Lyr 3. :slight_smile:

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