SOLD: Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Gen 2 & Tubes

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Amp + Tube Power Bricks
Price: $900 USD includes USA Shipping for Amp + Stock Tubes
$150 for 4 tube upgrades or $100 for bundle with amp

For sale is the Woo audio WA7 Fireflies Gen 2 set which includes the Amp and the matching Tube Power supply. Both come with original tubes as well as the 1 foot umbilical cord cable as well as an additional $150 4 foot umbilical cord cable for longer separation of the blocks.

I also have the Electroharmonix Gold Pin tubes as well as CBS Hytron 5814 (1958 NOS) tubes for the Amp and Power Supply that I can sell for an additional $100 or separately, which is $200 total normally.

Price includes Shipping to USA only. I will split costs for Canada.


Very very tempting. Damn they look pretty.


Reduced prices for this forum

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Are you upgrading to a better tube?

not necessarily. downgrade really, but consolidating for now. I bought a Saga+ Preamp to feed my other newly acquired schiit gear – it’s a matching set. Plus for whatever reason, my wife approves the schiit and wasnt a fan of the Woo around the house. (i think shes the only one who doesnt like the looks of the Fireflies)

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that is also needed some times. I have also reached a: I-can’t-buy-anything-for-the-next-months-without-getting-divorced period.
So good idea :+1: