SOLD: ZMF Eikon (Bloodwood)

Price: $1,050 (or $1,200 inc. fees and shipping).
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling my ZMF Eikon in Bloodwood (only pair I’ve ever seen), with two sets of pads (one in lambskin, one in suede). Headphones and suede pads are in excellent condition. Lambskin pads show normal wear, but are still clean, with no scuffs or cuts, and solid.

I am the second owner.

Includes original warranty card, headphones, two sets of pads, and your choice of either 1/4" TRS or 4-pin XLR standard ZMF cable, and the original “S3” 6200 series water-proof hard-case (pre-dates ZMF using Seahorse cases).

The $1,050 price is NET to me.

Note that I will only ship via FedEx or UPS, tracked and insured, with no exceptions.

Optionally, if you want to make it simpler, you can pay $1,200 inclusive of fees and tracked and insured FedEx or UPS shipping.

Must be an active member here and/or have appropriate trader feedback on another relevant audio site (e.g. Head-Fi, SBAF, Audiogon, USAM).


Beautiful pair!

Do you know how much they weigh?
Bloodwood is a very dense wood if I am not mistaken.

I’ll stick them on the scale before I package them up to ship, as they’ve already sold.

(I’m not personally very sensitive to headphone weight. Really only the HEDDphone makes it noticeable to me, because most of the weight is way out on the ends of the cans, so there’s some momentum there if you turn your head).

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600 grams, was the actual weight. Well, 599.


Thanks! Good to know.