SOLD: ZMF Pendant OG

Price: $1300 (PayPal fees and shipping to CONUS included)
Currency: USD with PayPal
Ships to: CONUS

Selling my ZMF Pendant OG. I’m the second owner. I believe it’s the 8/100 version because the original owner purchased it in January 2021 right before Pendant SE replaced Pendant OG.

It has a slight transformer hum, along with an audible hum when using the high Z output with my ZMF Aeolus and ZMF Verite. It’s inaudible when music is playing. No hum with low Z output. As far as I understand, this is common with the Pendant OGs, and using a power conditioner helped in my case.

It comes with the following tubes:

1 x RFT ECC81 12AT7

2 x Amperex EL84 D-Getter OR 2 x Telefunken EL84 OR +$90 for all 4 tubes

1 x Telefunken EZ81 OR 1 x Mullard EZ81 Square-Getter OR +$50 for both 2 tubes


Love the Amazing build quality and style of these amps. They are my favorite tube amps. As good as they look, the sound is even better. Before I heard these I thought all tubes amps were supposed to have loose/muddy bass. These have excellent driver control AND that amazing tube sound. So good. GLWS.