ZMF Pendant - Tube Headphone Amplifier - Official Thread

While most headphone enthusiasts are aware of Zach Mehrbach’s excellent ZMF Headphones, they also offer a pure tube headphone amplifier, the “Pendant”, with enough power and flexibility to drive pretty much any high-end headphone.

The name of the amp, per the ZMF site, derives from:

Pendant: an artistic and musical component intended to match and complement. The ZMF Pendant perfectly matches any ZMF Headphone or other musical device that can be worn on the head.

The amplifier was designed in collaboration with ampsandsound, with the goal of delivering an amplifier that both perfectly matches any ZMF headphone but that can also be used with any other headphone you might consider.

It’s offered in a standard black finish, or with optional custom wood bases (as one might expect given ZMF’s legacy of gorgeously finished wooden-cupped headphones), as well as options for a standard, or hand-selected “vintage” tube set.

  • Single Ended Ultra Linear tube amp

  • 8 ohm (low-z) and 300 ohm (high-z) outputs

  • Dual RCA inputs

  • Pre-amp outs via RCA

  • EL 84/6BQ5 Driver tubes, 12ax7, 12at7, and 12au7 input tube options, EL 81/6CA4 Rectifier

  • Transformer based design

  • 3 Watts @ 8 ohms and 2.5 watts at 300 ohms

  • ALPS volume pot

This is the spot to discuss this sonically and visually beguiling amplifier as well as tube complements/rolling options for it …


This belongs here…

Been really loving this amp! To me it has a similar sound profile (tubes depending) as my Cayin Ha-1a MKii but with a little more depth and quality to the sound. Also it aesthetically fits with my audio shelf, and I really like it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

To me it has more of that “neutral warmth” tube sound…not overly romantic and lush but more like a warm blanket lol. Very enjoyable experience, I did a little tube rolling and it does allow for some dialing in to your preferred sound profile. But, I’m not experienced enough with tubes to know which I prefer and usually just stick with recommended ones. If I have a bunch to experiment with, I’ll roll until I hit what I like ha!

Setup is super easy, and the sound to me is very Goldilocks in that it is just right! If this would be your first foray into tubes then be prepared to be “wow’d” but if seasoned in the way of tubes it will be what you would expect and be plenty happy!

(PSA: for awareness I’m a bit of a ZMF fanboy ha, my current top 3 headphones 2 of which are ZMF the other I don’t really consider to be a headphone :face_with_monocle:)


Looks amazing with the headphones next to it.

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I am currently saving up for this amp, and plan to pull the trigger next month. I have a few other amps, I am looking at, but the Pendant is at the top of my list. I plan to use it with my Aeolus and Ori, and have a bunch of 12au7 tubes, ready to go. Still trying to decide on the black base or a custom like the one in @DarthPool picture. This is going to be my endgame amp.