Sounds wet, clipping, blown out?

Issue: Many songs sound blown out, as if volume is maxed out and is clipping or songs have a raspy crackly sound. I hear it on multiple pairs of headphones. I’ll include the chains I’ve used below.
It’s more prominent on the Monarchs, I assume because they are more detailed than the Bathys
It would be easier if it was only on the amp chain because it could be one of the components, but the issue also happens when going from Windows PC straight to the Focal Bathys and also via bluetooth on mobile. It is heard on high and low volumes the same.
I can’t tell if it’s all coincidently all bad recordings, compression, low bitrate.
I’ve played all songs through both Spotify and Tidal on max bitrate.
It seems to be more songs than not. I can’t not notice it!

I’ve created a playlist below where it is most noticeable:
In Supafly the bass guitar has a trailing raspy sound.
In Punk Rock Loser the background vocals have a rasp. The kick drum also has a wet sort of sound.
FTCU the bass kick has a horrible overblown sound (I half think it’s the stylistic choice).
In The Foundations of Decay it is really apparent in the vocals. I describe it as a resonating staticky effect. It also follows the guitar.
Demons, again not sure if it’s the style of the bass, but the intro bass is horribly overblown sounding.
Meet me in brooklyn, the bass has a slight staticky, wet, crispy sort of sound.
The Whole World, bass again has the same static sound.
Birds, guitar has a resonate blown sound.
Je suis le vent, bass has a trailing crackle similar to above.
Genius, bass again has a staticky crackle.

Windows > Spotify on highest bitrate highest volume > Topping DX3 Pro+ balanced highest volume> THX 789 balanced XLR out >Thieaudio Monarch mkii
Windows > Spotify on highest bitrate highest volume > Focal Bathys on DAC mod via usb C
Android > Spotify Spotify on highest bitrate > FiiO utws5 > Monarch mkii