Spirit Torino Headphones

This is something im also skeptical of. I have a fairly small head and things fit me kinda wierd. Given a lot of totl grados dont fit me super well im slightly worried id have issue with valkyria :confused:

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If comfort is a top priority, give the Dan Clarks a look. Aeon series, and Ether 2 are very comfortable cans. Ether 2 is one of the lightest headphones made. They sound excellent. They can be a touch boring at times. It’s like driving a Camry. Very useful, with no frills in the approach.

Im not a particular fan of any DCAs just tbh. Comfort Isn’t absolutely paramount for me, I just need it to be good enough i can use them for a couple hours at a time. My biggest issue with TOTL grados historically has been that they dont stay in one place as I turn my head/look down at my note pad. This same motion is one of the reasons I’m probabaly going to sell my soli P dispite how much I like them

Be sure to try them first as soon as yu get the chance!