Stax 353

Price: 1000
Currency: usd
Ships to: united states

They stopped making this one. Mine is mint.

Does pro only with two outputs feature I like is balanced volume control which I used until I got the estat fixed. Pics show what it has. Price covers PayPal and shipping.

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So …

Why would I buy this, vs. just ordering a new unit, for less (with free shipping, full warranty and no tax) from, say, Headamp?


Well didn’t write I wouldn’t take offers? I’m not looking to get rid of it for low price.

You are just looking to have someone pay $125 more than one could buy new from headamp… Is it a low price if that is what one can buy it new? Maybe you should just keep it so you don’t have to rebuy it in a month.


I want to get rid of my estat gear. If I keep my Perun Rock I would search for an amp that Perun recommends.

I’ll lower the price 885.00 all included.

That’s still $10 more expensive than buying new from Headamp. :man_shrugging:


And also $35 more expensive than what you are offering your headfi friends :slight_smile: Stax 353X energizer | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

Do you not like us enough to offer us the same price or?


$10 for the right to use something burnt in by the hands of the current owner??? (I dunno, reaching for reasons).


There’s a reason why I have this guy on ignore on the forum, I guess it lapsed. Time to reup!!

Thanks @ProfFalkin for letting me know re the ignore feature.


The idea that @BondDaBoom thinks people should pay more for his used item than they should for a new item really confuses me. I was willing to let that go. People can ask whatever they want for stuff considering the true value of an item is whatever somebody is willing to pay.

… BUT, the fact that he’s willing to screw over this community by charging our users more than he would elsewhere just kinda pisses me off.

The item is used. It may have been discontinued, but there are still new ones available immediately. There is no wait. There is nothing that would justify a higher value for this. Thus, used item value depreciates. I think you should stop the shenanigans and just offer a fair price.

Looking into it, it appears Boom is a chronic gear cycler looking to make a buck. I’m glad this was brought to my attention, he just made the list of people I will never buy gear from.


That too. Can we pin this thread somewhere for posterity with big red flags?


@BondDaBoom please advise your rationale for the markup we enjoy here. Perhaps you have an explanation that is lost on all of us.


Big words, nobody here is afraid of you.


@BondDaBoom - this is not the forum for this kind of language or aggression - look elsewhere.


Gotta love proof. :wink: