Suggestions for Open/Closed-Back mods for headphones


I’m an engineer and an audio enthusiast from Finland.

Let’s discuss about headphone models worth making open- and closed-back mods to. I will try to make the mods for all of the most demanded models.

The best headphones for modding are the ones for which the backing can be easily changed without destroying the headphones in the process. Such as Monoprice M1060c like in the picture.

I will be experimenting with materials and 3D-printing the mods with a high quality filament with good surface finish. (Better than the example picture below.)

Example of a Monoprice M1060c open mod.

If any actual products/mods arise from this, they will be sold through Ebay or other reputable site and shipped worldwide.

Since I don’t have an accurate way to measure headphones, I won’t be taking the responsibility on the equalization change. Only guarantee is that the mod will fit, look good and the headphones will change in the open-closed spectrum.

-Henri / HeKeyTech

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