Symphonium Audio Titan In-Ear Headphones - Official Discussion Thread

This is the official thread to discuss Symphonium Audio’s latest release, Titan.


  • TrueX 3-Way Crossover

  • CORE and PHAT Technology

  • Hybrid BA + Custom Tuned DD Design

  • Forged Carbon Composite Faceplates

  • Anodized AL6061 Aluminium Shell

  • Exclusive 25.5AWG Neptune in 4 Wire Configuration

  • OE Interchangeable Plugs w/3.5mm and 4.4mm Heads

  • Hand-Crafted in Singapore


Bassy. Clean. Smooth.

The Titan is our response to the question, “What Makes a Great Basshead IEM?”.

Crafted to deliver a thrilling, rumbling bass experience without compromising clarity in the treble,
Titan boasts a smooth sound signature with an assertive, enveloping bass presence.
With its powerful subbass, Titan delivers impactful lows that elevate tracks to new heights.

But Titan isn’t just about bass; it’s about achieving a perfect balance across the entire frequency spectrum.

Titan maintains accurate mids and highs without overly emphasizing either to compensate for the bass quantity.

The result is a sound signature that is smooth, immersive, and undeniably addictive.

The Symphonium Audio Titan is now available to order in North America

I’m going to hijack the first post in this thread to say that I heard these at CanJam New York and they haven’t left my mind since listening to them. The Helios and Meteor from Symphonium Audio are fantastic IEMs in their own right but I think the Titan is what is going to make people get out of their seats and really start paying attention to what Symphonium Audio is doing.

With the care and consideration that they put into their releases, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them mentioned in the big leagues in a couple of years with the likes of 64 Audio, Campfire Audio and Empire Ears in North America.

If you have a chance to try out Titan do yourself a favour and give it a listen. Especially if you enjoy powerful bass done right.

I don’t have anything to contribute other than saying Symphonium went from the FLAT technology in the Helios to the PHAT technology in the Titan.


I want some phat bass.


Vs the Scarlet Mini?

I haven’t heard any of the FatFreq IEMs myself but maybe one day when @SebastienChiu is feeling generous he’ll send a pair my way to try out!

I said that I haven’t been able to get the Titan out of my mind since Felix put them in my ears at CanJam New York and that was the truth then and even truer while I was painfully tracking the flight path of our demo unit waiting for it to arrive.

Well today is the day of arrival and the wait was worth it. I did a quick dongle check (USB-C, iPhone 15 Pro Max) and haven’t encountered any issues with distortion or channel imbalance. Swapped it over to the Feliks Audio Envy 25th Anniversary Edition demo on my desk and it’s just a jaw-dropping experience. The bass is just so extremely well done on these. If you’re bass shy these are likely not going to change your mind but personally, it feels like the Symphonium Audio team looked at me and said “Let’s make an IEM for Taron”.

There are other sets out there that can hit harder but they generally sacrifice something in other areas. And not only that, the shells are generally astronomical in size. The Titan has a very ergonomic fit. I know @Resolve is going to swoop in and steal these from me as soon as he catches wind that they are in my possession but I’m off to Munich High-End in two weeks and these are absolutely coming with me for that journey.

Hats off to the Symphonium team!


I am very excited to swoop in and steal this one, since it brings Taron joy.

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I am sad I am not making it to Munich this year! There are a lot of cool things that I would have loved to get to listen to, including the Titan.

BTW, happy cake day Taron, so glad you joined the forum :wink:

maybe i will try to sneak out of my meetings in europe and go over to munich and steal these from you.