The Anime Thread

I’m hyped for this. Love the manga and s1 was great (about 9yrs ago I think). The s2 animation looks quite disappointing though but I’m still looking forward to it.


The animation does look stilted. Don’t really know what the S1 animation was like as I mostly watched it on an iPhone during pandemic duties downtime so any issues would have been mostly unnoticed unless truly awful.

Will give s2 a good shot as I enjoyed s1 a lot.

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@PaisleyUnderground (I think you mentioned watching the og avatar)

Breaking news! I…I never expected this.

Btw, that latest rental girlfriend ch was nice, getting somewhere!


Nice, I hope it’s a new story and not a retelling of the original. It’s interesting that they can do this separately from the Netflix live action series - you’d have thought only one of them owned the rights.


Yes, was more expository than I was expecting. Even though it was forward progress it felt weird as it seemed out of character for her to take that tact. Im sure they’ll find a way to drag this out for another year.

The last chapter of One Punch Man was a big WTF, in a good way.

Im not putting out much hope for this being on the same level as the original, Korra makes me skeptical.

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I honestly got confused at first. Where I read it from the latest ch didn’t make sense at all. But after that they released another ch that was supposed to replace the one prior to the latest ch, because the author apparently changed it on a whim.

If you treat this new content as canon or extra side stories I wouldn’t really mind if it weren’t on the same level. Also, I don’t think this will have any relation with Korra.

Ahhh, I thought they did something just to add more continuity to the chapter as it adds a new element to the world. I should go back and read the previous chapter to see what happened.

Chainsaw Man part 2 drops in July!?!?!?!

Ive just seen a headline and not much more, apparently releasing in multiple languages in a bid to stem pirated manga??

I need to look into this more later.

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At first I thought you were referring to the anime but you mean the manga. Still great news but I think I’m more excited to hear when the anime will come out. Probably fall season.

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Yeah, just the manga. I felt there was a lot of open questions with the series so maybe this will address some of them. Im considering re reading it as I binged it the first time.

Wonder if this was alway the plan or if the anime adaptation sparking interest lead to a revival of some sort.

Not as into anime as I used to be, but I’ve been following One Piece since I lived in Japan in 1999 and I’ll be danged if I’m going to stop now.


Never read or watched it. I think the manga might be coming to an end???

It’s starting the ‘final arc’ next month, which should be intense. Probably gonna be 4-5 years to resolve it. The current arc has been going since 2018 and is just now winding down.