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I think you encapsulated what Im starting to pick up on as well, the show is fading away from the start it had due to lack of character development. They introduced a number of plot lines early on that could have lead to more of this but the either quickly resolved them or just completely ignored them.

The first couple of episodes were awesome, the last few were OK. My enthusiasm and excitement to watch the series all lead from the initial episodes. Im hoping it recovers its swagger.

Yup, I hope so too. At least they got the music part done ok…

That list of music shows that I thought were better btw if you’re interested is as follows…

  1. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (this is technically not music, but I feel you could put this in the same category, plus the OST is excellent; this one earns my HIGHEST rec though it’s not for everybody)
  2. Your Lie in April (I would rank this lower actually, but this was the anime that got me into anime OSTs so I’m biased towards it; I think you already watched this tho)
  3. Kono Oto Tomare (lots of parallels with white notes but done well; 2nd season really picks up)
  4. Kids on the Slope (jazz and romance…what else is there to say)
  5. These Snow White Notes (ongoing)

I wonder how many people will actually benefit from this thread…I feel like it’s just us 2. We could just set up a DM…what do you think?

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We can do DM or use the thread, No matter to me. There’s probably a few other anime fans out there. If there is no other participation over the next while we can go DM until someone necro’s the thread.

Seen Your Lie in April - loved it, emotionally draining even though the end was spoiled for me. I really got into it for some reasons even though it could be over the top and cliched.

I’m not familiar with the others outside of Snow. Will try your number one ranking if I can find it streaming. Is Zombieland Sage a music anime? I watched some of that.

I should start taking a serious look at Iruma-kun. Some of the new releases have faded so I may start on something else.

Should be on crunchyroll unless it’s region-blocked…

I would count it as so but haven’t watched it yet.

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Between crunchy and Funimation I found them all.

The only annoying thing is I can’t watch Funimation on my TV as there is something about the AppleTV I have that doesn’t let it work. iPhone or iPad work fine, just not the TV box. Excuse to use headphones! But it sucks for anything with strong visuals on Funimation.

I’m looking for something new to watch, is there an anime series that is a good starting point? I’m looking for the 6xx of anime series, a no brainer for someone who is ready to try out a new hobby.


I’m also interested in people’s recommendations, as I’ve dabbled but don’t really know what I’m doing.

It’s probably like asking a group of people what their favorite music is and one person says “Mozart’s 20th Piano Concerto” and someone else says “Night At The Opera by Queen” and after listening to both, the requestor decides he doesn’t like music, but only because he never had the opportunity to try jazz, which would have been his true love.

I’ve watched very few anime TV series, so my recommendations are pretty worthless, but I’ll list these to give people an idea of where I’m coming from :
Cowboy Bebop (classic - can’t wait for the Netflix reboot)
Last Exile (sci fi/fantasy)
Serial Experiments Lain (weird, mind-blowing - I was going through a pretentious pseudo-intellectual stage in my life when I watched this so YMMV)

I’ve probably watched more anime movies that I picked up at the library. I prefer my anime tinged with melancholy, rather than full of explosions or bubbly goddesses.
Anything by Studio Ghibli (too many favorites to list)
Anything directed by Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Millennium Actress)
Anything directed by Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children)
Your Name - recently watched this and enjoyed it.


Attack on Titan is a killer anime IMHO. I wouldn’t suggest it for kids though.


Do you have just those two? I only have crunchyroll because I found that although funimation has nice exclusives, it’s only like 1 or 2 every season, and I find myself just waiting that extra week to watch it.

Yeah funimation has all kinds of problems…hopefully Sony will do something fruitful from the recent acquisition of crunchyroll. I’ll even take a monopoly since anime here is scarce compared to other mediums of television.

Hmmm, I’ll give you a few rated by what I think is best for beginners…

3: Evangelion (known for its deep psychological elements/themes) [Netflix]
You really only need to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion, just those two.

4: Hunter x Hunter (Netflix but incomplete; Crunchyroll has all eps)
Knows as classic shounen type anime; great fighting elements.

1: Gurren Lagann (Netflix)
Has all types of genres; very solid from start to finish.

7: Laid-back Camp (Crunchyroll)
If you just want to relax, drink some booze, and not think about anything…this is what you want to watch. I’m sure @perogie can agree with me here.

6: Silver Spoon (Crunchyroll)
You learn a lot about FOOD and the farming industry. Enough said.

5: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (Crunchyroll)
Earns a cautious, but HIGH recommendation with the caveat it’s not for everybody. Soundtrack is very good.

2: Fullmetal Alchemist (Netflix, Crunchyroll)
Very solid and has been an easy rec. There are two versions (Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). I suggest watching both with Brotherhood being watched last, but if you had to watch only one watch Brotherhood.

For movies in no particular order:

A Silent Voice (Netflix)
In This Corner of the World (Netflix)
The Garden of Words (same director for Your Name) [Netflix]
I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (I know, weird title)
Garden of Sinners (dark and gory vibe) [Crunchyroll]
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (an interesting watch; tackles the challenges of motherhood)
Sword of the Stranger
Promare (plain fun, addicting soundtrack) [HBO Max…I think]

Agreed, but I’d go against recommending it simply because it’s not done yet…except for the manga. Oh, and happy cake day @frkasper!

I’m gonna be honest about the cake day thing…does it mean it’s your birthday or anniversary on this forum?


@hifiDJ thanks for listing where they stream. I have Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max so I’ll try some of your recommendations.

@mfadio Cowboy Bebop is on Hulu if you have that.



Cakes are different flavors I’d say. Hover the mouse in the icons and you’ll see. :grin:

Happy cake day @generic for you as well. :+1:


I get anime from those two plus whatever Netflix and amazon prime have: I have too many streaming services!

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I’ll second what @hifiDJ mentioned for good starter anime.

And I think its been mentioned already that anime isnt equivalent to “Saturday morning cartoons”. Just FYI as some can be very violent, contain nudity, swearing, the whole mature themes things. You probably already know this.

There are a wide range of genres within anime so you may just have a certain niche that you like, such as slice of life, comedy. sci-fi.

Just quickly I would also suggest: Mob Psycho 100, Demon Slayer (just because of the hype and visuals and soundtrack) , Konosuba (comedy with great voice acting) and maybe Code Geass or Death Note. Whether any of those suit you, who knows, but there are all universally appreciate by most anime fans so there should be something.

And yes, Laid Back Camp is awesome. Family friendly, chill.


Attack on Titan
unfortunately, I enjoyed this way more in earlier episodes, but later when the “truth” comes out one by
one, not so much.

Demon Slayer (Netflix)
Awaiting Netflix to carry next season


But my all-time favorite is still Galaxy Express 999!! :grinning:


I thought Season 1 was really good. Before the “truth” came out (maybe in S3?), I remember some episodes being kind of boring. Now I look forward for the 2nd half of the final season (S4).

On a separate thread, no Naruto fans here? I remember started watching it after I got my ACL surgery many years ago. Became a fan ever since. Now watching to Boruto (his son).

Yeah, but it has kept a certain consistency about it even with some slow episodes. I never really got wrapped up in the hype as I took a long break (like over a year or two) before I even finished season one, but it is a top tier anime that still has some punch in it. Its done well to keep its quality up over the seasons, which is more a testament to the manga author than anything else.

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Another good anime in the vein of Laid Back Camp is Tonikawa: Over the Moon. Charming little show. S1 just finished airing a few months ago and there is supposedly an OVA airing shortly.


I think this is one of the closest shows/mangas I would consider a masterpiece but 2 things hold it back…Eren’s character development and the animation. For Eren’s character development I’d rather not explain it or I’d be spoiling the manga. As for animation, I can understand the studio being overloaded with other anime that they had to pump out but man it bothers me so much…

Sorry, didn’t get into that one. I could get into it but it’s at a point where I’d have to put a lot of effort into catching up.

The manga finished not too long ago but the author decided to continue another one with the same characters but different story. And this new one has a totally different vibe…turned 180 degrees just like that!

Which one is the anime based on? Original or flipped version. You have me curious just what that all means.

The animation… I’m not sure what to think here. Is it poor or just a different style? I initially thought poor but then I started to watch it a bit more closely and thought it might be more style related. It’s a divisive topic amongst the fandom. I’ve been able to adjust to it mostly but still get flashes that make me realize it’s a different studio. It’s not like Mappa is an amateur animation house.

Like Haikyu, this last season had different people at the helm and it looked different, took some time to adjust.

Haikyu, strong, strong recommendation for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Sports anime. Just fricking great.

And for those with Netflix: Castlevania.

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