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I’ve been quiet on the forum and some of you know this, most don’t. I’m taking my first official vacation since @andrew and I started where I don’t need to work through it. My wife has never been to Europe and my friend was gettimg married in Ireland so we decided to make a trip of it. Currently on our last night in Rome. Once I have stable Wi-Fi I’ll upload some pictures!


Mmmm. Enjoy the gelato. wasn’t built in a day.”



Out of the office and on summer vacation for a couple of weeks!

January 2nd to August 19th is a long stretch!


Are you going somewhere cool? I suppose I mean that using both definitions of the word ‘cool’, but I was thinking about how hot it already is where you live.

Just heading to the beach house for a couple of weeks to disconnect. It is a few degrees cooler down there, especially at night, but is still in the high 30’s (around 100°F) during the day.


I posted this in relation to a conversation in the what’s in the box thread, but thought some of us olds might find this amusing. It’s a few weeks old now, but just funny how far in the future things seemed when we were young. Now they’re here or shortly arriving


Happy Cake Day @Lou_Ford and @Relype.


Happy Annual Cake Day!!! @Lou_Ford @Relype


Thank you ! Hope you all have a great day too !


Thank you, @prfallon69 and @hottyson !
I love cake.


Happy :cake: cake day to both of you. Many audio returns for the day. @Relype, @Lou_Ford


Little photo dump as promised!


Where is that town with the colorful buildings and picturesque harbor? It looks amazing. Is it Portofino?


My guess is somewhere along the Cinque Terre



Manarola to be exact! We did Cinque Terre two days ago and hit up 4 out of 5 towns. Was one of my favourite visits of the trip so far.


That’s a beautiful walk! Me and the family did it too a few years ago. The boat ride along the shore was also pretty fun.

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My favorite may be Vernazza…cause it’s every little boy’s dream town: Two castles to fend off pirates, a tunnel going to a hidden beach, and a movie-style stone chapel on the beach. We ate pasta at a restaurant in the main walk from the train station. This was after an in-over-our-heads long, steep, and rocky overland walk from Corniglia.

Grabbed a photo, as mine are somewhere that’ll take longer to find.

Added: Corniglia


These pictures are only going to hurt you, because I can see my audio fund being diverted to my travel fund. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Annoying or unintentionally bad advertising language

It’s more often heard on the radio, but sometimes on TV. On TV, it’s usually forgetting that adverbs are a part of speech, but here is what drives me nuts on radio - and the meaning.

This is a Public Announcement — not a public service announcement, but they want you to think that it might be.

Due to a decline in the economy, …. Hmmm these words show up whether or not there is a decline in the economy. And there is never a product that is offered due to a decline in the economy

An Open Phone Line has Been Established. I think this is my favorite. You can almost see the Unnecessary Capitalization. It means they paid the phone company and got a phone number. But in a much more important way.

Those who ACTIVATE this protection. if you buy what we’re selling

I invite you to add your favorites, whether it’s a “Fry Pan” or a non-stick surface that won’t scratch when you use it to chip rocks.


As someone who spends far too much time on cruise ships, I get irritated by certain things that are seen over and over again, especially via the PA.

Some of the most frequent are:

“Ding dong ding dong… May I have your attention please”

Is that that what the ding dong is for, to request your attention?

“Ding dong ding dong… This is a public address message”

Using the PA system sort of hinted at that already.

“Ding dong ding dong… This is a personal call for Mr X”

Well, seeing that you are making it over the PA system, it isn’t very personal is it?

I could go on but I’m not going to. Now get off my lawn!!!

(Cruise ships also seem to have Dinning Rooms instead of Dining Rooms for some reason)

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