The Off Topic

Unfortunately, at the moment I can only listen to my beloved music with this high-end device in the hospital,

:rofl: :joy:

but in a few weeks, if everything heals well,

I may at least be able to enjoy my music with in-ears.



Free reverse email search/lookup?

Does anyone know of a good, truly free (as in no trial, no cost - free for occasional use) service where I can enter an email and get a name?

It seems that most go to Spokeo, BeenVerified, or Peoplefinder, all of which say “free” but really want a sign-up.

I occasionally suspect an email is incorrect or a bogus email has been supplied to me. Any comments would be appreciated.

I was expecting a USPS delivery of a second cable set from Rosson today. Looked at the tracking number and had a new one - Apparently delivery had been attempted at 2 PM this afternoon.

Delivery Exception. Animal Interference

Never saw that before. I live in a quiet neighborhood, and the only animals at home were upstairs in the fish tank. There is a fat, lazy neighbor’s cat that occasionally sleeps on one of the porch chairs - and runs away when someone comes by. That’s about it. A few neighborhood dogs, never running around - in fenced yards or walking on leashes.

Once in a while we smell a skunk - but it’s certainly not moved in our our property. Of all the possibilities, I’d guess the skunk might be one, but I came home an hour or so later and there hasn’t been a whiff.


Now THAT’S different, a new “delivery exception” to me. You sure it wasn’t a bear? :wink:
I guess that’s no joke depending on where you live.

What cable did you get?

Bear would have been a thought had it been the house in State College, PA, but all the bears in Lancaster are Amish.

Just a balanced 4.4mm cable. Stock Rosson. There ought to be different connector tips. 3.5 mm to 2.5mm to Senn…

That’s called a Hart cable


Anybody? PM me if you have an answer. Thanks.