Pleased to know forum designed help noobs

All too often forums in my headphone and music experience seem to gear more with opinions that are smarter than yours.
Each persons ears and how we perceive our experience is real to them. The lack of knowledge regarding terms so often used can lead to new people being afraid to comment expressing how they experience their involvement with music. I had the pleasure of listening to tens of thousands of dollars on musical devices, ear headphone devices. I can say I have had musical listening experiences far greater than headphone, but now prefer headphones for a more personal experience not to mention my wallet.
I say all this to hope I continue to be a newbie at our hobby but more important listening enjoying. I have been involved in great pleasure and still share on forums (Audiogon, Steve Hoffman, Head-Fi an now Headphones) and continue to comment I how I hear it. I hope those who are starting to trust your ears and not how terms and opinions of others may make you afraid to express your involvement. I need to hear it. It is important to me no matter how long I have been involved with listening to music.
Music is personal and wonderful. Experiment with other equiptment as well as differant kinds of music. My music forum experience have always taught me to be open to those with more experience and understanding my comments. We know who they understand everyone is at some point was new. They are non-threatening or combative. I am pleased to be a part of this new forum and hope for continued evolvement in my journey.