Bailing from desktop to portable end-game?

I’ve done the “let me max out my headphone setup.” But I’m now challenging my setup versus a very nice portable rig (Fiio M7Plus LTD with a C9).
Anyone else with this thinking???

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Honestly, no. :slight_smile: My portable rig is solid, but it’s not nearly as resolving as my desktop setup (IEMs never will be IMO). Plus, when I am on-the-go, I’m not noticing how resolving my earphones are because I’m distracted by…well, being on-the-go and all of the added noise that comes with that. So, for me, I need a nice desktop and portable system and won’t be bailing on the former anytime soon.


Its all about use case. You money will go further in desktop land, but if you wont use the desktop gear that point is moot. IMO there is some damned good SQ to be had portable, but tbh, it usualy ends up being pretty damned expensive compared to a desktop equivalent

I got the M17 and am totally in love with it!

I’ve got a Fiio M11 Pro that I highly enjoy using, but I am very tempted by the Cayin C9 - especially for my ZMF Eikons - but I need to save up a bit more to justify that expense. I do highly enjoy sitting outside in the backyard and listening to my ZMF’s on a nice day though.

For me this works only if I avoid back-to-back comparisons. The mobile setups I’ve tried sound “fine” in isolation, but oh so bad when I switch to desktop stuff. Portable amp batteries struggle with sustained current delivery.

But, if you drop $2K or $3K on a high-end mobile DAP and use IEMs…?

Go for the C9, INHO. I have the M11 and with the C9 ZMF’s (I have three) are no problem. HD800s as well.
Best to you.

I’m voting to throw the Chord Hugo2 in the mix.