TruthEar Nova - Official Thread

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Here are the measurements:

B&K 5128:

Comparison to Moondrop Variations:

Comparison to TruthEar Hexa:

Tip Comparisons:

GRAS (RA0402):
vs Harman IE (this is just because this IEM is particularly Harmanlike. For more information on why we don’t just use Harman IE and 711 at present, here’s some context)


Overall it’s a solid release, since this is basically a cheaper Moondrop Variations, which has been a popular IEM for quite some time now. With that said, I sincerely hope this is the last we see of this trend for IEMs. TruthEar’s very own Hexa is a more balanced sounding IEM, and doing that comparison right away reveals the issue with the lower mid dip that’s likely the result of the old 711 paradigm with in-ear headphones.

  • No issues with comfort
  • Subjective qualities are basically the same as on the Variations (unsurprisingly), which is to say… it’s really quite good for that.
  • One minor difference is that I do still feel the Variations has slightly more satisfying bass, but also there’s some measured difference among these units for the bass as well.

Recommended for those who like a particularly distinct sub-bass shelf, with a leaner midrange presentation. Not recommended for those sensitive to upper mids and treble.


I like the Nova. Chopping is very similar on my Rig at least, but it sounds better in ear.

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Is scooped lower mids still a thing in late 2023? :weary:

I sincerely hope this is the end of that trend.

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I haven’t tried the TRUTHEAR NOVA yet, but it looks cool with 1DD and 4BA stuff. Shenzhenaudio’s got some good deals on headphones and stuff like that