Upgrade Amp or Dac?

Hi Folks - I have SR1a , Jot R and Qutest w/ MScaler. What should I upgrade first, my amp to HSA 1b or dac to either Mscaler + TT2 or Dave by itself (without MScaler since I’ll need to sell Mscaler + qutest to fund the Dave)? I’ll eventually upgrade the other component but likely not for another year. So, the options are:

Amp Upgrade

  1. SR1a + HSA 1b + Qutest w/ Mscaler

Dac Upgrade
2. SR1a + Jot R + TT2 w/ MScaler
3. SR1a + Jot R + Dave

I also have a Focal Elegia and Nightowl Carbon that I’d like to use more. I primarily stream using Tidal via Bluesound Node 2. I listen to all types of music but gravitate towards rap/hip hop, pop and electronic.

Thanks for your help.


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