Various gear for sale (non-headphone)

Price: 300-1400
Currency: US
Ships to: US

Hi, I’m selling off portions of an older hi-fi system, that includes:

One pair of NOLA Contender speakers (first edition) … excellent floorstanders, in glossy piano black, very well-reviewed in Stereophile and TAS. First owner (since late 2013). Original retail was $3400, I’m selling at $1400, due to some cosmetic issues (the protective cones over the drivers on one speaker have been dented inward, although it doesn’t affect the sound; I don’t even notice it, but I also lost the grills for the speakers and those are no longer available from the manufacturer; apparently, this is repairable by user, so I may try to fix, but I can also just mark the speakers down a bit for resale). The Contenders now sell for 5k-plus in the latest version. No boxes, unfortunately, so pickup (you) or dropoff (me) in north Fla./Ga. area is preferred.

One pair of Analysis Plus Oval 9 cable (circa 2013). $300. Spades. Great cable I used with the Contenders for about 5 years.

One Bybee Technologies Bybee/Curl Pro Model Power Purifier. $1200. Classic power box designed by the master, John Curl. Owned for many years (lost count) but still looks good with only a couple of scratches on the nicely put-together bubinga wood casing. (Is it bubinga? Looks cool). 8 outlets, split b/t digital and analog. Comes with two thick power cords. Original price was $2,500. I loved using it, but I don’t need it so much with my current gear.

Photos to come.
I have 15+ years of positive exchanges on Audiogon.